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Confessions – Day Seventeen


The meeting with my neighbor the other day left me breathless. I keep seeing him every morning going for his jog and doing his stretches. He waves at me and blows me a kiss each time. We didn’t have the chance to catch up for another hot cup of coffee yet, but he asked me to join him in the park for a short run. I might consider it once I become super-active again, but I feel kind of lazy for now!

I got a call from my girlfriends asking me to join for a movie date. I love to go to the theater, so I will probably accept.  But for now I just need to get ready and catch up with them for coffee. Sometimes it’s just nice to laze in the morning, and sip a hot cappuccino that I did not have to prepare myself! I love being pampered!

I’d better run now. Clad in my hip hugging Capri-pants and a body fit tanks (I like it this way, very comfy), I walk my way to the nearest coffee shop, where my friends are expecting me. I find my girlfriends there… with their men!!! Awww! How can they call me and make me the fifth wheel! I don’t show my dismay though, they are my girlfriends anyways. They saved me a seat with a hot cappuccino just the way I like it. Maybe it wasn’t such a good idea to come here after all! Two couples sitting with me, plus me alone!

After a few minutes of updating with the girls, a hot guy joins our table and high-fives the boyfriends. He greets my girls with a peck on their cheeks. What am I missing? He takes the seat next to me, and smiles at me. while ordering a hot cup of coffee. Ugh! Fresh! I am ready to stand up and say bye to them all when one of my girlfriends stops me and whispers:

“He is the hot hunk in my boyfriend’s basketball team!”

I roll my eyes… “So what?”

“So he is your movie date tomorrow! Don’t argue girl… it’s a date!”

WOW! And she tells me I’m her best friend! The little bitch is pairing me up with this big muscled basketballer who keeps giving me winks and smiles… and we haven’t even been formally introduced!

Once we all finish coffee, we go to my girls’ favorite boutique. We pass the glass doors straight into the many racks of awesome dresses and skirts. It is such a nice feeling! I instantly forget that fresh mister what’s-his-name. I am looking at skirts to fit on, and pick two that I like; a bubbly orange and a fit black one. I walk towards the back to the fitting room, when I hear something that makes me stop in awe!

One of my girls and her boyfriend are obviously having some fun in the fitting room!

“Ahh! That is my fantasy!” I tell to myself. But I guess I said it a bit louder than I thought, because Mr. Fresh, who is standing by the door of the other fitting room, winks at me, and smiles:

“I heard that” he said.

“Heard what?”

“Your fantasy… I can make it happen!”

So fresh really that man! All the while I stand there, struck by his attitude!

“You can go in there and fit, I will not peek.” he continues.

I’m really starting to lose it, but then, I try to keep calm.

In I go to fit. He is at the door outside. Just when I start to slip off my Capri-pants, I hear my mobile ringing. That’s when I  realize that I left my bag outside!

“I’ll get it for you.” he just says.

I am thinking he will just pass me my bag, but no! He answers my damned phone!

“Hi, this is Angel’s friend. She is not available at the moment. Call back later.” I hear him talk.

I don’t like to argue, he is being nice anyhow, so I just tell him to hand me my bag.

I open the door, and he find him standing there, looking at me, kind of petrified. It feels awkward for a moment, when I finally realize that I am just in my tanks and panties! He is not smiling this time, but rather blushing. I grab my bag, and close the door. That was a very unconscious move from my side!

After paying for the skirts, we head out of the shop and they suddenly decide to go have some drinks. As I don’t really feel like drinking, I pass.

“I think I’d just go home.” I tell them.

“Me too” this guy echoes.

The two couples proceed to their drinking spree, while I turn to the corner and start walking towards my pad. And in a very fast and confusing moment, I feel a hand holding my shoulder and turning me around. It’s him again! Mr. Fresh! He seems to have lost his annoying attitude, now being rather blushing.

“I did not mean to be rude earlier on. That just me! Nature, you know…”

“Ok then. No problem.” I say, wanting to just go.

“Can we have a fresh start?” he asks.

“Fine with me.”

“Jake” he introduces himself


“We cool?”

“Sure.” I reply, a bit exasperated. “I need to go home though.”

“Ok, but don’t forget tomorrow. I’m still your movie-date!” he throws, winking at me again and nudging my chin lightly.

I must admit he got me really confused there. But then, maybe he is not that bad after all. Oh well, I’ll just wait until tomorrow if he will come by and pick me up!


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