sexy slut dark alley bar

A Horny Slut In A Dark Alley Behind The Bar


A dirty slut hooks a bar customer to fuck him in a dark alley

It was a very lonely night for him. No friend coming over, no friend to go out with. Being new in this place was very lonesome for a guy like him. He called a few workmates, all out with their women. They wanted him to tag along but “No way!” he thought “I can’t join in I don’t want to be the third wheel.”

So he went out alone to a local club, ten minutes away from his pad. He got inside and ordered a double Bacardi at the bar. He watched the few customers enjoying the night, dancing to the fast and heavy music that he couldn’t seem to understand.  In his mind was loneliness. Nothing more. He was there to get drunk, and get back to the pad then sleep. That was the plan.

“Better start it now!” he thought.

He finished his first, and on to his second double. Soon on his fourth, he was standing by the bar, moving his head from side to side. From afar, he noticed this Asian chick dancing alone, eyes closed, feeling the rhythm of the music as she danced. He stared at her intensely. Watching how her hips swayed with the music. She was so graceful, her body moved together with the melody. For some reason, he felt the urge of getting to know her. He placed his glass on the bar counter and walked towards the hot Asian girl.

The dance floor was not large; it was very easy to rub bodies as one danced. He stopped just right in front of her. She could have sensed him there, because as he paused in front of her, she opened her eyes and saw him. A handsome white man looking right to her eyes. It was like magic!  They stared at each other for a moment, just like under a spell. He leaned and kissed her right there! A very deep kiss. A little tongue action later, they finally broke the kiss. Both were breathless, but aching for more.


He looked at her and gestured his keys. She giggled in a sexy tone, and grabbed his hand to pull him away from the crowd. He was not sure where she was taking him, but the mystery made it really exciting! She dragged him to the back, passing by the small kitchen/pantry towards the rear side of the bar. As they went out and closed the door, he was surprised to find himself with her standing in the dark alley in the back. She, on the other hand, had lost all inhibition and was evidently horny.

He watched her as she started to touch herself, roaming her hands all over her body. Pressing her tits together, and pinching her hard nipples. Her hands went down to cup her pussy, and that was the ultimate trigger for him. He quickly knelt in front of her and replaced her hand with his. He grabbed her beaver and felt how wet she was! Definitely filled with lust, he wanted her badly!

He went straight to her wet slit. He lifted her skirt and pulled her thong to one side, and started to lick the salty and creamy pussy juices. But he wanted more. Lifting her leg on to his shoulder to open her up, he continue to satisfy his hunger and quench his thirst! He was lapping her wet slit fast like a puppy would lick milk! She let out a hard moan and pushed her hips more towards his mouth. She was face fucking him harder, brushing his face with her wet pussy and smearing him with her slime. His noisy sucking sounds made them hotter and lustier for each other!

She was flowing non-stop and he sucked every bit of her female ejaculate. Their clothes were hanging from each other, exposing some of their bodies. His hands roamed all over her tits and belly while his mouth was buried deep in her wet pussy.

She couldn’t wait anymore and cried for him to fuck her!

Instantly, he turned her around, bent her over, and pinned her on the wall, spreading her legs and sliding his large pink dick head into her in one hard thrust! She shouted when she felt him dig her deep!

“Oohhh I love it! Fuck me!” she cried.

So he fucked her harder. Faster. Deeper. Pushing into her like there was no tomorrow. The thought of getting caught added to their excitement. It made his cock harder and stiffer, while she kept flowing more. Her legs were wet from her pussy juices which trickled down her boots. She couldn’t care less.

“Fuck me! Fuck me! Oohhh harder!!” is all her mouth could say at that moment.

He didn’t say a word. Just groaning and moaning noises, and of course hard thrusts. He slapped her ass cheeks hard, making her even hornier! Feeling the urge to release, he pulled his cock from her wet hole and shot right on her ass-crack! Warm milky cum went splashing on her tiny ass hole and running all the way down her crack, her legs, her boots… He groaned like a wild animal!

He held her belly and they both rested on the alley wall after that huge release. Her legs had trails of cum all the way down, and some of his semen was still dripping from her cunt. What a sight!

They quickly fixed themselves and went back inside  They took a seat at the counter and ordered Bacardi shots. She gulped hers in one huge swig. He smiled.

“I’m Jake bye the way, and you are?”

“Alecx. Pleased to meet you” she replied, insisting slightly on the “pleased”.

He grinned. She licked her lips.

They were only ten minutes away from his pad anyhow.


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    1. Thanks for your comment Cowboy_Witch, you might be able to follow them one of these days and take a sneak peak of what is happening behind the curtains!
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  1. Very hot. I was thinking of the face I can only see part of as I read this story. A little fantasy of my own. Keep writing and I’ll keep reading them.

  2. Love it. Nothing quite as sweet as eating pussy in the alley and then slamming it hard and deep to complete the lust filled random sexual adventure. I too am awaiting the next chapter, I think they would both be serviced well in his pad…

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