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Confessions – Day Sixteen


My brazed-up pussy is starting to swell from his non-stop sucking and licking. I am moaning noisily and I don’t want him to stop. I love what he is doing and he is doing it so damn right! I have never thought that he could be this good!

“Fuck yes! Don’t stop baby! Suck my cunt!”

He is enjoying every bit of my wet juicy pussy. I can tell because of his moaning and groaning as he keeps on eating me. I start to sway my hips in tune with his mouth movement. I slide my slit to his mouth, then to his nose, slobbering his face  with my pussy juices.

“Ohhh!! That is so hot!”

As he keeps sucking my clit harder, I feel a hot rush of climactic sensation. and I am starting to shake all over. My legs are getting weak and my head is starting to swoon. He is holding my hips tighter as he can feel me convulsing and squirming harder now! I can sense the closeness of a big juicy squirt! He doesn’t know yet that I squirt a lot when I am horny and turned on. I hope he won’t mind getting all wet and slimy all over his face while he eats me!

Another long lick and a hard suck on my cunt and I scream:

“I am so close! So close!!! Fuck! Hold me! I am comingggggg!!!!!”

One more second and a quick gush of hot juicy pussy cum squirts onto his mouth! His surprised look is real hot since he instantly opens his mouth wider and catches the juices from my hole!

“Oohhh!! You are so hot!!!” I moan and scream while my juices flow from me. It is a big gush indeed!

He holds me still and I can see his face all wet with my pussy gush. I am panting. He is gasping and smiling at the same time. In no time I feel his tongue on my slit again. He is gently licking me clean, almost like he is trying to relax me. Kissing the lips lightly and licking my pussy too.

“You are so awesome!” he tells to me.

He pulls me up onto his laps and I feel his cock is ready. Readily waiting for me to ride him now, and it turns me on so much! I slide his dick head in my wet slit, and let it find its way to my hole. He groans so loud as he feels my hot pussy walls wrapping his cock. Burning his shaft while he glides in and out of my hot hole! I just love the feel of his long hard cock  rubbing inside my vagina.

“Fuck yes!!! Steady long strokes you dirty bastard! I love it!”

It doesn’t take long before he holds me tighter around my waist, and screams that he is about to burst! I intensify my movements to tease him more and I let him shoot his load of hot cum inside me, and feel him burning my uterus with is hot lava! He is shooting loads after loads. His body quivers so much and he is screams like a wounded animal as he keeps on feeling me up with his sticky sperm!

“Hell yeah baby!”

Soon we collapse on the big couch; he is still inside me, and not moving a bit. I can feel his heart beating so fast, and the warmth of his breath. We are skin to skin, entangled. I let him take his breath while I feel his hot cum gushing out of my pussy. He shot a lot inside me!

He kisses my breasts, which means that he is starting to get back to life! I don’t feel like disengaging myself from my hot neighbor just yet. I want to feel his hot skin on mine for now. I do not know if he will come back to me anytime soon, so I am making the moment last as much as i can. But I sure hope for a replay!


18 thoughts on “Confessions – Day Sixteen

    1. Aww Bubbaboner61 that’s so sweet of you! But that might end up in a fight with my actual neighbor hehehe
      Please let me know how better you would do it? Don’t worry my neighbor doesn’t know that i am blogging!

      1. I love reading stories about squirting and cumming on faces and breasts … any chance of sharing such confessions in the future?

        (BTW, I saw on Lush you’re looking for authors … what would that entail? You can message me the details on Lush.)

        1. Thanks for your reply! I will definitely keep your request in mind about squirting!

          And yes you are right, I am looking for guest authors to post free reads in the erotica section> I am sending you more details by email.

          1. I like dirty!
            I read an article in a mag that a beauty spa in New York is charging 250$ for facial sperm masks, as it is supposed to be very good for the skin.
            But I can get it for free anytime!

          2. As far as I know, female ejaculate and male semen are comprised of the same substances (minus the sperm, of course :D).

    1. Hi Kc4u2010! I am so happy that my confession turned you on that much! I hope my other stories will have the same effect on you!
      Feel free to read them too and comment!



  1. Greetings from China. I was a fan of Literotica, but the quality varies by the author, now, I think I am won by your wonderful pussy licking stories.

    Kung Hei Gou Chou (Wish you a great many orgasms)

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