Clamp me Tonight – A Domination Fantasy by Alana Chappell


A housewife fantasizes to be dominated by her man…

Sarah had spent the morning cleaning the home that she and her fiancé occupied together.  While unraveling the vacuum cord, she noticed that there was a little black book gently shoved underneath the mattress.

“Hmm,” she thought to herself as she gently laid the vacuum cord back down on the floor. Curiosity getting the best of her, she reached underneath the mattress towards the little black book and pulled out this mystery item.  Her heart pounding out of her chest, and a little concerned on what she might find, she held the mystery book close to her chest.

“Why would he have a little black book, we have been engaged for over a year now, and are completely committed to each other?” she wondered.  As she anxiously opened the first page, she found herself in awe. “What is this?” she said anxiously, concentrating on the images before her.

“Mmm,” she lightly moaned in astonishment as she gazed at these intriguing pictures that fill the little book. “I have never seen anything like this before,” she whispered to herself. As she turned the pages, her curiosity heightened and her urge to continue overwhelmed her.  She couldn’t take her eyes off this little black book, and she reached behind her, finding the edge of the bed to sit.  There were detailed images of her fiancé in a dominating stance.  He was visibly dominating hundreds of girls in this book.

“Wow,” escaped her lips as she continued to flip through this secret black book.  She began to feel completely overwhelmed and confused. She took a deep breath as she felt her chest getting heavier with each inhalation.

“Why wouldn’t he tell me about this?” she had to wonder to herself. Feeling betrayed, and yet a little intrigued, she continued to flip through the pages. Pictures of women who had been tied up, gagged, and bound fill the pages. Could it be that she was about to marry a Master?

As she gazed through the photos, to her surprise, she found herself completely aroused. The thought of her fiancé dominating her really began to turn her on. She started to imagine herself in these pictures as she gazed into the eyes of her man.

Her body began to respond to the images while she was perched on the edge of their bed, clutching to this newly discovered eroticism. Surprised at her own reaction, she began to lightly throb between her thighs. Feeling overwhelmed and extremely aroused, she reached across the side of her bed for her favorite vibrator. It was a lilac colored vibrator with a strong clitoral stimulator at its base. She knew her fiancé wouldn’t be home for quite some time, so she stood up, slowly removed her clothes, and they gently fall to the floor.

Coming back to her bed, she settled down on her back, and turned her vibrator on. With one hand holding the book of erotic images open, she used her other hand to place the vibrator on top of her lips down below. The vibration caused her body to flex as she gently rolled it around her clit. “Ahh,” she gently moanedas she arched her back. Glancing at the photos she had forever embedded in her mind, she imagined herself being tied to the bed as her fiancé was taking full sexual advantage of her. As she gently slide her vibrator across the apex of her womanhood, she could feel her body respond, becoming wet and ready for penetration.

“Mmm,” she moaned as she placed the book to the side of her head.  Completely enthralled with this all-consuming urge, she gently thrusted her 6 inch vibrator deep inside of her. Her head whiped to the side as her legs spread wider and wider, her body awaking to the pleasure.  “Uhh,” she moaned louder, her clit becoming extremely sensitive to the vibrations created by her toy.  Looking down her body, she could see her nipples completely erect, and aching to be touched.  She reached around with her free hand, grabed ahold of one of her nipples, and lightly pulled.

She started to imagine what it would feel like to have nipple clamps on, like the ones she had seen in those sensual, dominating images. Her body jerked back and forth as she could feel herself cumming. “Ah huh!” she moaned hysterically as she exploded all around her vibrator, climaxing to her fantasy.  As she softly began to slide her vibrator out of her, she found herself tingling from the aftermath.  She immediately felt the urge to cum again, and slid her vibrator back in between her thighs. Lying down again on the bed, in a state of bliss, she began to slide her pleasuring toy in and out of her soaking wet pussy.  “Ah fuck,” she screamed as she was overtaken by orgasm. Her body shook and her legs fell apart, as she lay exhausted on the bed.

Her naked body glowing from the aftermath, blissful and fulfilled for now, she imagined what it would be like to be dominated by a Master.

“I can’t believe he has never told me about this,” she said aloud, as she reached for the book next to her. “I want to be a part of his secret world,” she thought to herself as she lay limp across their bed. “How can I tell him that I know about his secret world?” she thought to herself.  She would not want him to think that she was snooping through his things. “Hmm,” she said, as her mind thought of ways to approach the subject. She remembered a party that they had attended together. Oddly enough, it was a fetish party, she realized.

“I have an open leather corset that I could put on!” she exclaimed.  She frantically looked for her leather corset. “Maybe it’s stuffed in the back of this drawer!” talking aloud in her search.  Throwing clothes from the drawer onto the bed, she prayed that it was located in the back.  “Bingo!” she proclaimed, as she snatched the corset from the back of the drawer.

As she held her sexy little corset in front of herself, she was reminded of the time when she last wore it.

“Hmm I do remember having great sex in this little number,” she smiled as she reminisced.

“That dirty little sneak,” she rumbled, as she saw the little black book. She shoved the book back under the mattress, and glances at the clock. “Wow! Where did the time go?” she said as she went to clean up.  Her fiancé would be home in 15 minutes!  She grabed her little toy and puts it back into the nightstand drawer where she kept it.

Quickly she straightened up the covers on the bed that were ruffled from her session of self-indulgence.  She then ran to the bathroom and placed the corset around her waist. She glanced in the mirror as she combed her long brown hair down around her breasts.  She felt like a completely different girl, a naughty girl, as she straped a matching leather collar around her neck.  She smiled in the mirror to herself, giving her reflections one last glance as she closed the door behind her.

Making her way to the middle of their bedroom, she heard a door slam shut.  Her stomach filled with butterflies, because she knew her fiancé had just arrived home. She could hear him place the keys on the kitchen counter as he yelled for her: “Sarah, are you home?”

“Yes, I am here, back in the bedroom,” she quietly replied. She listened to the shuffling of his shoes on the carpet, as he made his way back to the bedroom where was standing and anxiously waiting.

“What are you doing back here?” he asked as he rounded the corner into the bedroom. “Oh. My. God,” he said, finding Sarah standing in the middle of their room with nothing but her leather corset and collar on.

“What are you doing?” he asked extremely confused and surprised.  “I want to be your sub tonight,” she said as she swang a pair of nipple clamps in front of him.

“Are you serious?” he replied with astonishment.

“Absolutely,” she added, as she passed him the clamps.

“I will not object to that,” he said, turning her around. With her back against his hard masculine chest, he clamped the cold metal down onto her nipples, one at a time. The pressure created electrified her, as his massive hands brought her total delight and pleasure.

Whispering in her lover’s ear, she moaned: “I want to be your slave tonight,” as he eagerly made her his….

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