Alana Chappell

Guest Author: Alana Chappell

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Meet Alana Chappell

Published author of Sacred Thoughts, a collection of Erotic Stories compiled in three separate books.

Alana’s creative expression is shown in many aspects of her life. She not only  finds pleasure in writing; she is also a Reiki Master who believes in Holistic Healing. Alana believes healing comes in all forms whether you are a writer, artist, therapist, singer or just meditating for a moment; these are all forms of self healing.

Live your life to your fullest potential and draw inspiration from all things 🙂

Raised in California for most of her life, her love for traveling has never left her. She has traveled to many places such as Barbados, Puerto Rico, Mexico, St Lucia, St. Martin. etc. As of a week ago, she has been making Seattle Washington her new home. Feeling completely inspired by her surroundings , Alana hopes to finish her new book on Fetish.

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