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Confessions – Day Ten


Weekends pass-by like a breeze when you are having fun. In my case, it is a mix of laziness and enjoyment, even when I am alone. Yes. I believe a little improvisation and mental grip can put yourself in the state of bliss.

I was out with friends last night, and came home pretty late, or shall I say “early” for breakfast. Hehehe, it was a blast in every ways! The party was fabulously awesome! I think I had quite a few glasses of cocktails and we spent hours on the dance floor! Me and my girls had great fun! Many times, guys would come to our table and ask us for a dance. But this was our girls-only night, so we would just tell them nicely to find other partners. Good thing they were cool guys. Some stayed to chat for a while, but soon they would realize that our couch couldn’t end up s their playground that night!

My girls just dropped me off at my pad and I came straight to my bedroom. And here I am now, feeling okay, tipsy but fine. I strip off my dancing clothes and head to the shower to freshen up for bed. I first thought that I would easily find sleep when I hit the bed, but my eyes just won’t close! So I decide to watch TV. But at this time, of course, nothing interesting is on. I turn it off and just lay there in my bed, in the dark, awake and my eyes wide open. For some reason, I keep seeing my last date’s face in my head. Reminiscing the hot moments we shared in his place after the halloween masquerade makes me press my thighs together tightly. Soon enough I can feel my nipples harden. Maybe it’s because of the alcohol I had that I get hot so fast, I’m not too sure. But one thing is sure, I am as horny as a slut now.

Closing my eyes, I keep seeing his handsome face, his hard jaw, how it twitched when he thrust inside me and filled my hole with his long, hard cock! Wow so hot! I start to ache. I feel my bare skin on my hands, touching my legs, my sides, my waist, my belly. I run my hands on every part of me, where I can remember that he touched me. Cupping my breasts with my small hands, I let out a soft moan and close my eyes. Mmmm I can almost smell his scent. I lick my lips and pinch my nipples. They are so hard and I am getting wet. I squirm on my bed, biting my lips and moaning as I start to slide a hand in my panties. “Yes!” I moan. Feeling my finger slipping between the moist lips makes me gasp. It’s like I can’t wait for his tongue to come and taste me again! “Baby!” My voice is soft yet filled with desire. I am burning!

I have to release! I slip two fingers between my pouty lips now. The pussy ones of course! So wet! It slides easily. Making an easy stroke from end to end. I open my legs, parted the same way as when he buried his head between my thighs. The feeling is so nice. Wonderful in fact. It’s like his mouth is devouring me for real now. His tongue sliding along my slit and finding my hard bud. I feel his tongue flick it. Making it harder and taut. And faster the flicking goes. “I love it! Oh don’t stop, don’t stop!” I can hear myself, loud in the night. My whole body shakes. Quivering and shaking intensely as I feel him press his mouth and tongue on my wet hole! “Aahhhhhh!” I let out a scream! “Oh don’t stop!” I keep saying. Arching my hips up to meet his mouth more. I can feel his hunger. I thrust faster to his ready tongue. I feel my cum dripping off me now! A few more thrusts and of his tongue fucking, and I am ready to climax!

“Yessssss!!! Ohhh yess!” I feel a gush of hot cum squirting from  my hole, and wetting the edge of my bed. The sheets and blanket are soaked. I gasp and heave my chest. I feel so wonderful and hot! Although I am alone now, I can feel him with me. He is so close. Yes, close enough to make me hot again, ready for another burst. He knows I like multiples…


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  1. I had to catch up on your stories because i didnt read them for a while. The first one gave me already a first rate woody and now 3 big spermloads later i just can say………………go on.

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