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On The Balcony Dominating the Beach


A semi-public place like a balcony can be quite exciting

She was laying in bed on her own, and for some reason your escapade crossed your mind. You and her, a get away to this beach she always wanted to see. You were so happy. It always made you smile to recall these moments.  The beach. Your beach.


One late afternoon, she woke up from her nap. She stared at you while you were laying there, on that big couch on the balcony, snoring lightly. You stirred when she kissed you. As you woke up, she looked at your dreamy eyes. Bare body. Hard muscled-chest. Tight-jaws. Your sleepy eyes sparkled with desire already. Your muscles twitched every time she ran her hands on them. Ooohhhh she loved them. She bit her lip as she sat on your abs. You could feel her warmth on your belly. So warm and wet. So ready for you.

Your big hands ran on her thighs. Squeezed her butt.  Caressed her skin all over. Slipped inside her sundress and cupped her breasts. She gasped. She closed her eyes as she felt your hands on her. She swayed her hips on your belly and you felt her juices flowing. You held her, caressing and fondling her breasts, making her moan with pleasure. The night was filled with her horny expressions. You licked your lips as you hunger for more. One of your hand left her breasts to go further down, and it found what you were looking for: her hot juicy pussy  She was so hot and wet when your thumb slid in and found the hard nub inside. She gasped when you flicked it.


She gripped her legs on each side of you. You rubbed and rubbed. You were turned on by the fact she kept on moaning louder each time. Your hard-on was so obvious in the night. Your cock so erected and throbbing. You obviously wanted her, badly.

A late afternoon fuck on a balcony overlooking the beach with the hottest girl you ever met. Who could resist that? Certainly not you! She giggled as you told her those words. She was sure ready to get laid. People were busy down at the beachfront, and you could even hear clearly what they were saying. But you wouldn’t pay attention  as you were already so horny, and she was just right there with you, all sexy, wet, and demanding.

You felt her cunt dripping on you, not yet to climax, but already so wet and hot. You adjusted her on top of you just like you would fit a sausage on a skewer, holding her waist. She leaned forward and landed her lips on yours. Giving you a deep passionate kiss. Like tomorrow would never come! She slid her hips down to meet your hard rod. You felt the warmth of her wetness on your cock. You let out a groan as her wet cunt lips touched your dick head. You pushed your hips forward. she moaned.


She parted her legs wider, letting you get in deeper. Umm so deep, and you were loving it! You thrusted further. Inch by inch you lost your cock inside her. You kissed her harder as you rocked her hips on you to reach deeper inside her. Hmmmmmmm your got so hard, so big, filling her vagina with your bone! She moaned louder than you thought she would, and you were heard all the way down on the path to the beach front. A few people looked up and tried to see  who you were. Some hollered to keep it going, some told you to pick her up and use the bed. You didn’t really care. All you wanted was to be inside her, then and there!

The sun was about to set and you were giving it to her. She hadn’t stopped moaning despite of the people comments below. It actually turned you on. You were up to a little show since they couldn’t really see your face… or could they? But since the place was getting dim, they were less and less likely to see you in details. You told her to hold on the balcony rails and face the beach. She obliged without a word. You knew she was totally hot for you! You took her from behind, and it turn you on like crazy! So you decided to give it to her harder!

You were rock hard. You took her fast, then slow and deep, changing pace and changing strokes, driving her wild. Your hard cock rubbed against her hot vaginal walls. Your groans were so loud that the oceans splashes died on them. Oh yes! She felt you tensed inside her and ready to release. She increased the pace, empaled herself faster on your cock. Hips swayed. Ground on you. Drowned your hard cock in her soaked pussy. You gripped her hips tight and bang her. She let our a cry as she was coming in an intense orgasm.

“Ohhh yess baby, cum for me! Fill me up with your sperm!!”

You just exploded in and outside her juicy pussy, squirting your sticky cum all over her ass, and in her cunt as you were still digging her franticly. A little crowd gathered on the pavement trying to take sneak peaks at that horny noisy couple, but the sky was now too dark to let them see anything more than just your silhouettes.

As you both calm down a bit breathless, you could admire sticky love juice dripping from her pussy. It got you rock hard again in no time. Soon, in the heat of the night, could be heard again the squeaky sounds of your cock rubbing her wet pussy.

And her moaning followed shortly after, on the balcony.


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