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Confessions – Day Twelve


I still can’t wipe the grin on my face as I recall what just transpired a few moments ago. Mr. Hottie waved and blew me a kiss just before he went for his morning jog. How awesome would that be?! But then it just sunk to me, I need to get a very nice brewed coffee going and get myself ready in an hour or so because he will be back by then!

Off I go to my small kitchen and set up my coffee maker, put a good portion of Arabica and turn the machine on. The smell of freshly grounded beans fills the air. I like the smell of fresh coffee brewing. Good thing I just got myself a nice pack the other day. I leave the kitchen and head towards my bedroom. I have to take a quick shower before I could change into something nice and sweet, not really needing to be flirty at this time of day, though seeing that red tube top is so tempting to me. Anyhow, I pick a white strappy short sundress and matching lingerie. It’s a sunny day, it fits just right.

I head back to the balcony with a magazine in hand. I just want to make sure that he will see me by the time he gets back. He should be here any minute now, it has been 90 minutes since he blew me that kiss. I smile. Well, I giggle actually. It comes to another 15 minutes and still no sign of him. I’m beginning to feel hopeless. Maybe he was just teasing me. I sigh. The sundress was really nice. It makes me look sweet and playful, but then again, he is nowhere to be seen.

I leave the balcony, feeling a bit disappointed. I can still smell the fruity perfume I chose to wear as I walk to my living room with my magazine, when I hear knocking at my door. My mind is flying elsewhere ,so I just go there blankly. As I open the door, my throat goes dry. There he is. All neat and clean, freshly showered, damp hair, clean shaven. I know he just shaved because I can smell his aftershave at arm’s length. He has that boyish smile on his face as I stand there looking in awe. “Good morning” he greets me. “I believe you saved me a mug of coffee today?” I smile wide, he remembered.

I let him in and ask him if he wants to sit on the balcony or in the living area. He chooses the big couch. I agree, I love my big couch when I want to just lounge or pass the time and read books. I excuse myself as I go to get him coffee. All the while feeling his burning stare on my back. Is it really his stare or was it just me thinking it? Oh I don’t know. But I mean to find out.

Handing him his coffee, I sit a few inches away from him, lift my legs up the couch and face him. He sips his coffee slowly. “How is it?” I ask him. “Good, love it. Thanks.” he says. We are discussing things nonchalantly. He finishes his coffee and seems comfortable chatting with me, when he accidentally (or is it not?) rests his hand on my thigh. An awkward silence falls on us. I am staring at his hand, he is not moving it away, and I have no intention to do as well. We look at each other, and the next thing I know is his lips are on mine. Kissing me softly, so gentle and slow that I literally feel my head swoon. It is such a nice feeling! I start to kiss him back and instantly when he feels it, his kisses go deeper. Then he scoops my waist closer to him, pressing me closer and closer. I can feel his hard chest on my soft breasts. He feels it too, and he let out a heavy groan. Ohh I am melting in his arms! I let him kiss me more till I part my lips and feel his tongue slide in my open mouth. So hot on an early morning, but none of us is hinting to stop. Oh no… not me!

I really like this hot guy! This is definitely not a date. It’s just an early breakfast of franks and eggs maybe. I’ll let you know!


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