kitchen counter

Kitchen Counter Comes in Handy


A kitchen counter can be the scene of the hottest fantasies!

Rushing in the house with bags of groceries.

“Oh dear..! Late.. Late!’ need to get cooking dinner!”

Hmm. She needed a fast but good meal. This was the first time he was coming over for dinner. Pork chops on sweet and sour sauce. Corn and carrots, and crab soup.


While waiting for the meat to cook in the oven:

I guess I should rest a while and hit the shower” she thought.

He might arrive anytime. Thinking a quick shower was best, she took off her clothes. Walking bare feet and naked across the room. All 5’4″ of her, bared 38C perky-firm breasts. 38″ hips. Curvy thighs and legs. All skin, she loves walking in the nude around the bedroom. It makes her feel free. She went in the shower, looking at her reflection in the mirror, she sighed:

“Darn carbs! Need to shed a few”.

Guess all women whine about their body, at this time, no one is perfect.

Setting foot in the shower, she splashed warm water on her face, she felt rejuvenated. Using her favorite jasmine-rose body bath all over her body. Rubbing on her neck, bare hands lathering on her chest. Her breasts were firming under her touch. She had not touched herself since last night. Slowly, she reached her boobs, and it hardened as her fingers brushed the peaks. She liked to make it last. To be explored. Leaving a trail of suds, she soaped the rest of her: arms, stomach, thighs, legs. She took some feminine wash and lathered on her palms. Minty scent. Smoothly, she soaped her treasure down South. Sliding in the lips of oasis, she lathered inside. The minty-soapy wash had a cooling effect on her. She gasped as she lathered more. As she came to touch her bud, instinctively she massaged it. Pressing a bit till she closed her eyes and felt the sensation. She held on the wall for support as she kept circling the swollen bud. She was always amazed how she could make herself writhe and ache. Her thighs were shaking. Wanting to scream. Her head was filled with the thoughts of him. Seeing his face. Flushed and warm. Eyes were burning with desire. Oh she was aching!

“Aaahhh!!!” she let out a moan.

Echoes in the bathroom. Some moistness was flowing from her, and she felt like melting. But it was not enough to make her cum.

Panting from what just happened, she came to her senses.

“I’m showering and I’m alone. Hah! I’m flushed and hot-skin all over!”

Turning on the shower and letting cold water spray on her warm skin. Closing her eyes, she let herself cool under the water.

“I guess I’m overexcited of what will to happen tonight. It’s my first time to cook him a meal. And our first time to dine home, together.” she smiled.

She went out of the shower and looked at what’s best to wear tonight. Opening her dresser she first saw that little black cocktail dress he first bought her on eBay. It has a low-rise v-neckline, above the knee free-flowing skirt. Halter and bare back.

“Hmmm.. I think that is nice for tonight.”

Slipping in the tiny black thong, and then the dress. Fixing her hair, pulling up in a french-twist to expose her smooth neck. She went out to check on the oven. Just when she heard the doorbell.

Running barefoot from the kitchen to the front door, her skirt swayed on her every move. She opened the door and saw him there. Black hair, deep-brown eyes, tanned muscled built. All 6 feet of him froze for a while on what he saw, and he smiled.

As she was inviting him in, he stepped inside. Walking to the living room, he handled her the flowers he bought. He followed her to the kitchen. Looking at her bare back he smiled. His eyes run from her exposed nape down her bare back.

“Hmmm no bra” he noticed.

It was like he just had a double shot of vodka straight-up warming his insides and revving his veins. His blood went alive and he could feel his heart beating fast. His gaze went down to her hips. Her little black dress firmly hugging her full hips, he could actually see her curves in it. His head was filled with thoughts that leaved his pulsating manhood rock-hard beneath his pants.

He took off his jacket. Off goes his necktie. By the time she reached the kitchen counter, he was already flushed with desire. Unaware of her effect on him, she kept herself busy with the food preparation. Reaching for the cupboard to get some dishes and glasses. She tiptoed to reach them and her skirt lifted, exposing more of her thighs. He was standing at an arm’s length from her. Staring. Burning from what his eyes saw. His forehead was sweating from trying to control himself. His head was throbbing. As she turned with the plates in hand, she was surprised to see him all so flushed and smiling. His eyes were so dreamy and warm. His gaze burned her skin. She could feel his stare like his real hands touching her.

He stepped closer to her. Taking off the plates from her and putting them on the counter top. Standing in front of her, he held her waist. Pulling her closer to him. Smelling the sweet scent of her hair. Drowsing himself with her woman scent as he inhaled her skin. Her cheeks. Her neck. She closed her eyes and found her head spinning from the sensation of the moment. Lifting her to the counter top, he faced her breasts. So ready and ripe in front of his face through the v-neckline of her little black dress. He touched her bare chest with his feathery kisses. She gasped. Slowly kissing his way through the fabric. Teasing a firmed mound of breast flesh with his lips. She dug her fingers in his shoulders. Instinctively she held him closer, her legs on his waist. Her skirt was now pulled up to her upper thighs, exposing all of her legs to him. He gently raked her legs with his fingers, making her ache down there. He groaned under his breath as he reached a hardened nipple. Licking. Kissing. Teasing her made her ache for more. She held his head, pulling him closer to her, making him take a whole breast in his hot lips. Burning her skin, she arched her back. Slipping the straps from her shoulders, he exposed her bare body to his naked eyes. He ached at the sight. His throbbing rod was bulging under his pants, wanting to be freed. Hungrily, he kissed her lips. Savoring all of her in his mouth. Drinking and quenching his thirst with her warm tongue. Finding her tongue with his, he ravished her, as his hands caressed her all over. Holding a firm breast, he groaned.


Massaging her hard and gentle at the same time, she let out a cry. Pinching and squeezing lovingly, his big hard hands cupping all of her creamy mammaries in his palms. His hands ran from breast to breast. Not wanting to leave one untouched, leaving her in fiery passion. As he found his way down the moistness that’s been aching even since his first touch tonight, her legs spread. Sliding in and nubbing her bud, she writhed. His kisses deepened as she swayed together, with his hard fingers sliding in and out of her.

“Aaahhhhh…” they echoed together under the deep kisses.

Her hands flew to his belt. Unzipping his pants and freeing the manhood that ached. She held him in her hand and squeezed him hard. Caressing his shaft. Up and down. His mind was spinning under his closed eyes. She teased the head, the ring around it, and wiping with her thumb as a tear or precum came out.

“Arrrggghhh..” he groaned on her touch.

He was so hard. So ready. So hot. His love for her was such that he couldn’t prolong the sweet-torture for both of them. In one swift move, he gripped her hips and pulls her to him. He looked at her in the eyes, and with wild passion, he lifted her and met her instantly. As he found her aching pussy, he slid in her in one deep thrust.

She arched as he entered her. Clinging to him, she felt him inside. Hard and stiff. He slid smoothly in her firm and wet cunt. He rocked her hard. Deep. And fast! She clung to him as she bounced with his every thrust. Her body was burning as she felt all of him inside. His mind couldn’t define the ecstasy he was feeling as he dizzied in her hotness. His cock burnt in her hot juices. Face flushed. Bodies sweating. Loud cries of passion echoed in the kitchen. She held him tight as she moaned. Cries of love and desire.

“Yes. Baby yes!” he said.

She cried so loud it made him want to ravish her more! His kisses were so deep, not leaving her swollen lips. She scratched his back as he thrust deeper and faster in her. Faster. Faster. Deeper. Deeper!!!

“Together baby…” he said.

“Wait for me…” she cried softly.

All muscles were flexing. Nerves twitching. Her legs were shaking on his waist as she kept pulling him closer to her. Letting him dive more into her. She arched her back so hard that she pulled him with her as she leaned on the kitchen counter. Half-climbing on top of her, he kept thrusting. She was getting wild with the moment. Her body splayed right before him. He was drunk with her scent. Legs tangled. Clothes hanging from each other’s bodies. They cared less, as he kept coming in and out of her burning wetness. He felt her tighten. He was ready to explode! Thrusting more. Deeper and faster each time. She cried as she scratched his back. Arching and shaking her head at the same time. She let out a big cry as she reached an earth-shattering climax! He felt her hot fluids burning his throbbing cock.

“Cumiiiiiing… now!”

As he sweat and dove in, his hardest thrust, he exploded in her. His sperm filling her inside made her pull him closer to her. Locking each other in a tight embrace, panting and gasping together. She opened her eyes and saw his eyes burning with passion. He kissed her lips gently. She could still feel his shaft in her as she shifted her weight. Clinging to him. Not letting him go. He smiled. Awaking to their surroundings they both laughed at the sight.

“Always thought a marble counter could come in handy.”

As she laughed under his weight, he kissed her passionately, silencing her. All the love in his heart pouring into her, kissing him back with the warmest kiss her lips could offer.

“You’re hot!” he said.

She smiled.

“How about dinner?” he asked.

“Hhmmm… Think I’m full.” she replied on a playful tone, smiling.

He teased her as he thrusted a little. She felt him move inside her as they were still locked together. She giggled. Her tiny laugh drove him wild. Hearing it turned him on instantly. And his hands roamed all over her exposed and  flushed body. Touching a perky-creamy breast.

“Uummm…” she moaned.

Oh her voice drove him mad! Once again, all nerves and blood were set on fire. As she clung to him, bodies were getting in motion again.

Surely they are not going to have dinner anytime soon! And the will never see that kitchen counter the same as before!


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  1. I like the scratching of the back! When I walk down the beach with my lady I like the fact she and everyone else knows who put those scratches there… the deeper the better!!! 😉

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