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Confessions – Day Eleven


It is another lazy morning. I slept-in as usual. Been tossing and turning in my empty bed for hours, still being too lazy to get up and have coffee. Clicking the remote control and finding TLC on the tube. I like the menu that’s on, it makes me a little hungry. So I decide I have to get coffee brewing in order to get my morning espresso kick. So I go downstairs.

And here I am, minding my own self, fixing me a nice hot coffee when something catches my eyes. Someone to be exact. It’s him! My next door neighbor! He just moved in two weeks ago, or so I think. I haven’t really talked to him, at most just a few glances in the hallway. Now there he is, down the building, right on the pavement, only in his jogging shorts runners and a nice sleeveless top that makes his shoulders and biceps show. He would make a very nice breakfast I think. Mmmm… So early in the morning and yet my mind is swimming in hot-wetness! Well, don’t blame me, blame the hunk!

Anyhow, I sit on the small balcony of my bedroom and let the morning air blow in my room. I sit there and I keep on gazing on Mister Hottie. I’m just a few floors up so I can still see him clearly. Or so my mind sees him so clearly? Whichever. Anyhow, I am enjoying my morning view. I didn’t quite notice that I was actually smiling until he looks up at me and waved. Huh?! What? How? Me? Uh-oh! What else to do but smile back and wave too. It is quite an awkward situation, but I manage to keep my composure. He is definitely smiling back at me and I am so getting turned on! And I just realize that I am still wearing my white low-neckline nighties and matching tiny shorts. Mmmm, maybe Mister Hottie is being as naughty. I bite my lip and giggle to myself. There is one thing to do to know if I am right or wrong. Offer him a cup of coffee. If he accepts, he is ready to flirt. If not, maybe he is gay. I laugh at myself and keep on watching him do his stretches down the empty streets.

To my surprise though, he looks up at me again, waves and blows me a kiss before he heads off for a slow jog. Oh my! I think my coffee offer could definitely be a reality in a few hours time, when he gets back from his jog. I feel a tiny tingle in me. He is such a turn on! I wave back and smile, giggle actually, as he starts running runs off. I am definitely making another set of my freshly brewed coffee. I knew my love for caffeine would come in handy. 😉

I’ll wait till he gets back. And I will tell you all about it!


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