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Confessions – Day Eight


Penny’s hands are all over me and I really don’t mind. I feel good to be touched by her. I look at myself in the mirror wearing the catwoman outfit and I am pleased. I will be the hottest kitty tonight! I head back home and start preparing myself for what promises to be a night full of excitement.

My friend comes by and picks me up by 9 pm, just at the time the party is supposed to start. I always like to arrive at parties quite fashionably late! Stepping in the dimly lit club and looking at the many wonderful costumes makes me feel great. It is just that I know I am topping most of the girls inside. I walk in and find our other friends who are sitting at the VIP couch. They all go open mouthed when they realize that it is me standing there in front of them in the catwoman outfit! I know they cannot believe their eyes! I am hot! Sliding in the couch as we join the others, I notice one guy who looks my way. He is not smiling, just staring at me. I show my claws to him in a very wildcat-way and he winks at me. I feel that he is hot for me. What is not to like anyhow? My friends start to dance and I join them. We are having a great night, laughing and dancing for thirty minutes straight. After a while I have to sit, I tell them. Walking towards the couch, I see this same guy who just winked at me. I don’t really mind if he sits, so I sit myself too. He got me a drink and we start chatting. Telling each other things we do, and soon I realize that I have seen him before. He admits that he knows me and have seen me in more than one occasion. I am smiling. Trying to hide my growing excitement. As I am finishing my drink, he asks me for a. So I stand up and hold his hand. We are dancing it quite fast but very close. Brushing each other, pushing and pressing at some times, rubbing hips and arms and elbows, electricity is very strong.

They play one of his favorite song and he pulls me closer to him, and starts pressing me more. I guess the spirits are getting into me so I don’t really mind it. In fact I feel it is so nice, warm, and good. I am enjoying his closeness. He cups my ass cheeks now and is pressing me closer. I can feel his hard body on me. I love it. His chest on my breasts, the catwoman outfit is just so revealing I know he can feel my nipples poking through my costume. And I know that he likes it because he keeps pressing me to him. “Oohhhh yesss!!!” That’s just how hot it is! Soon my hands are holding him. Pulling him closer to me too, we are igniting just right in the dance floor! Many couples are getting into it almost everywhere. The night is cool but very, very steamy! He looks at me and catches me staring at the couple just beside us making out. He can sense that I am getting the vibes. He pulls me closer and without a word kisses my open mouth. He is a very sweet kisser, at first. Then his kiss turns into a passionate and hungry one. I let him kiss me like that. We gasp for breathe when we part and both are aching to do it by now. We look around and see that my friends are just having the time of their life. They would not mind if I would slip off for a while. He takes my hand and pulls me away from the crowd, and we go straight to the backside where thick black drapes of decors are hanging around. He kisses me there. Kissing me while his hands are groping every curve he can find! Ohh I feels so good! Arching my back I give him access to my wanting breasts. My hips thrusts to his and brush to his now bulging crotch. I feel him groan in my mouth. He likes it. Pressing on each other and hands all over and everywhere our bodies, we start to hump and press our hips and crotches. I know he aches for me as much as I ache for him. He is wearing a Count Dracula outfit. His cape serves as our cover while he starts to slide his hand in between my thighs. “Ohh yess!” I sigh. He kisses me harder. His hand finds what it sought. Juicy hot pussy-cat lips! I have to stifle a moan of pleasure. I know that people can hear us or look at us, but we don’t care much. I find my hands groping him too. Very thick and hot-hard pole is on my hand, he groans. I keep touching and brushing him now as he is running his hand on my pussy making it wetter and hotter! Soon I feel a hot drip of sticky clear precum on my hand. He is on fire! I let him touch me more while I keep gripping and grabbing. We are so hot now! We both want to slide us together.

We look at each other and we both know what we need to do. He starts to finger me. More rubbing and more slipping of fingers inside me and I feel things will start to happen! He just keeps on thrusting on my hand as well, but I know I need him now; more than just hands and fingers. He feels me shaking. And a few more fingering and a tiny cum comes oozing from my pussy to his hand. He is very turned on! I watch him as he start licking his hand while looking at me. That is just hot! I know I am flushing and so is he. He whispers to my ear and I say “OK”. My legs are shaky from the release and yet we need to find a place to spend the night. His place? That settles it! Now we are spending the night at his place. I just can’t wait to reach there!

What a nice turn of events! As soon as we reach there, I’m telling you everything that happens next!


7 thoughts on “Confessions – Day Eight

  1. This confession is super hot. If it’s true, you have a really exciting life.

    Unfortunately, it reminded me of almost similar situations at parties, when… the girls I was hot for were always interested in any other guys but me.

    But I always try not to be jealous but appreciate other people’s happiness., even if reality bites a little bit.

    1. Thanks Jst,

      You know, finding yourself in fun situations is just a state of mind, an attitude. Get the right attitude and the things you desire will just come to you. The girls too!



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