pleasure on your doorstep

Pleasure On Your Doorstep


Sometimes the urge is so strong that it cannot wait beyond the doorstep

You heard knocking at your door. As you went to open it, you saw her standing right there at your doorstep, and it  just warmed your heart. You gave her a big hug and kissed her tight. Still standing in front of your open door, your restless tongue parted her lips, as your hands, hard and warm, were fibbling with her blouse buttons. They easily found the clasp of her bra. Freeing the fabric in a swift motion, and sliding the garment, you revealed creamy breasts before your naked eyes! You caressed each peaks; finding her hard-perky nipple was a breeze. You started to play with your thumb. Lowering your lips, you tasted a hard nip bud, and made her moan. You kissed, you tickled, you sucked her passionately.

She let out a “Ummmm” full of desire, loving the feel of your mouth and tongue.

You grabbed her ass-cheeks while still sucking and biting her nipples. You squeezed her butt with vigor. As you pulled her closer, squeezing harder, your mouth was sucking hard on each breasts. Spreading her ass, you ventured to explore her ass crack with your middle finger, making her moan louder. Your excitement was so high that you couldn’t even think of moving inside the house.

The street was quite at that time but anyone could happen to walk by any minute. But you just didn’t care. You had to have her right there.


Her fingers tangled on your hair, as your stubbles, tickling the flesh of her breasts, made her arch her back and offer you more. She cupped her breast for your mouth to feed.  You were aching down down South.

She was pulling you closer to her, and pressing onto your crotch.

As you licked her upwards towards the neck, resting her back on the wall besides your front door. You spread her legs, and knelt in front of her. You lifted her skirt to reveal her shapely legs.

Soon she hooked one on your shoulder. She arched her back as she let you taste more of her tasty boobs. She was pinning her soft warm exposed body on the wall, feeling your hot tongue thrust in. She let out a loud cry that your neighbors would most certainly hear!

You lifted her hips to feel her warm juice flowing,

She  writhed as you swiftly stood up and slid your cock – already wet with oozing pre-cum – in one deep thrust. She bit on your lip to refrain from screaming. Then she  spread her thighs wider with the help of your big hands.

You gave her deep and long thrust, feeling her vagina, so hot and wet.

“Oh yeeaaaahhhhh! Do me harder!” she cried.

You liked her screaming, it was so loud this time that it definitely woke up the neighbors.

“You are the hottest siren i ever met!” you said in a naughty manner.

She giggled.

You were aching and writhing.

She hooked her legs on your waist as she arched her hips, meeting your thrusts.

You were feeling all her wetness and hotness inside her, sliding deeper and harder each time. Both your body and hers were in heat, and sweating all over. Your knees were shaking. Losing balance, you tumbled down the pavement, still entwined, and kissing hungrily. Sucking each other like starved wolves ravishing their prey!

You pulled her feet over your shoulders as you penetrated her more. Your pace went faster as the heat rose!

Her hips shifted, she felt you so deeply lodged inside.

Harder dive you went. She spun her head as she scratched your flesh; you just hit her spot and made her go wild! Silencing her with your mouth, you were moaning in her breath, Your body trembled; she felt you convulsed inside her and you let go.

“Oohhh so hot in me!”

Panting and gasping, you held her tight. Snuggling under your neck she heard your heart beat so fast, tasting the salty-sweat of your skin, your male scent filling her nostrils. It gave her such tingling sensation down between her legs again.

As she lifted herself, she went lying on her stomach on top of you on the ground. She was trailing her fingers on your face, drawing on you with her nails. soon she was kissing your nose and lips. Her hips swayed slow; her pussy lips were so wet with both your and her juices, it made you slide effortlessly in her.

Your hard shaft throbbed as she touched you. Squeezing hard over your dick, she let her thumb play with the juicy head of your cock. Pre-cum oozed and made her eager for more action. She shifted her hips and slide you in. She was moaning loud as she rocked and ground on top of you. She enjoyed pressing her body to yours, rocking wild, getting horny on your swollen shaft. Squeezing your hips with her thighs, contracting her vagina on your sex, she made you groan a loud

“Fuck me!”

The world shook beneath you, your thighs wet with her juices making a slap sound each time she was rocking you.

You sat, facing her, locked her legs on your waist and pressed her hips tighter to yours.


The penetration was so deep she could feel you filling her all the way up!

Your cock completely disappeared in her wet cunt. She was grinding you as she pulled you closer, your hot-wet kisses on her neck.

She felt you tensed, sending ripples up her body. Electricity sparked, and made her shake wildly, screaming as if you were stabbing her with a knife, scratching your arms. She lost herself in the earth-shattering climax you promised!


She held her so tight in an embrace, locked arms and body, not able to do the slightest move. Heavy breathe in your doorstep, none let go.

“So wonderful!” she said as you started to hear footsteps coming down the street.


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