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Confessions – Day Nine


We are so hot that we can’t take our hands off each other. He is driving the car while I keep on touching his big cock. It really seems huge as I look at it while holding  itwith my small hand. I keep biting and licking my lips just staring at his promising dick. I cannot wait! His place is just a 15 minute ride from the club. He almost pulls me as we run in the lobby of his condominium to the elevator. We are not alone in the lift, but we still manage to grab and grope. I am so giggly all the while. I guess the three cocktails I had is getting to my system. He pulls me close to him. My ass presses on his hard swollen shaft. I can feel his lips at the back of my neck; kissing me, lightly licking with the tip of his tongue. He can’t wait either.

20th floor and we are out. He opens his door and asks me to come in. “Nice and cozy!” I say. He is smiling at me while I suite myself on the big soft couch. He locks the door and joins me. I start to undo his costume. Off with the cape, the shirt. Without wasting any time, I undo his fly. Slide the pants off his long muscled legs  and slip my small hand over his very bulgy crotch. He moans as I touch him, and starts to kiss me again. I let him devour me while I keep rubbing his long and thick manhood. He seems to like a lot! He parts his thighs to give me more access, which I take. I grab and cup his heavy balls. Squeezing a bit, it makes him groan. Hearing him growl is so hot, and it definitely turns me on!

He starts to remove my costume now, baring me with just my soft smooth skin. He is going wild to see my perky hard nipples exposed! He dives and suckles on a nip. It is like he wants to swallow one whole breast! “Ohhh!” I moan loud. Louder I go as he keeps sucking me. My hand is getting wet now. He is releasing warm precum, one that I like tasting. So I push him on the bed and open his legs. Me in between each leg, I start to please his aching and throbbing hot-cock! I give him the best blowjob he could ever imagine. He is so breathless and squirming while I am eating him up. Sucking his head is so good! Big mushroom head! Now I am sliding it in my warm mouth, slowly yet deep down my throat.  I rub his head in my mouth walls. He is loving it! I can tell since he doesn’t stop moaning. Soon enough I feel him tensing. He is about to burst!

I ready my hot self to get my mouth filled, but he insists that I have to cum first. Yes! I love that! I stand and hover my aching pussy to his open mouth. I move down and he starts licking and sucking me. My clit is throbbing hard. I love what he is doing to me! “Oh don’t stop, don’t stop!” With more long moments of pussy-eating, I feel I am ready to cum. He tells me to just release it. To cum on his face now! With that I feel so wet. My clit is throbbing! A few more face fucking him and I squirt! It is soooo good!!!

After an intense orgasm, I ask him to slide his cock in me and to pleasure me more. He is fucking me hard now. His large cock appears and disappears in my dripping hole. Very shaky now. I’m hot and he is very good! He thrusts again and again while I keep screaming and squirming as he keeps on fucking me. I can feel his shaft rubbing my pussy walls. “AAAAHHHHHH!” I pull him closer, tighter! I welcome him so much inside my hungry cunt! I am so focused with his hard cock, feeling me up so much, almost stretching my pussy I love it so much! I can feel myself achy! I let him take me, over and over and over, and we just cannot think anything else than cuming. I feel him tensing now. We are on the brink and it seems that he will want to cum inside me.

Suddenly he is releasing long shots of his warm sticky semen! I love watching his face filled with desire while milking his cock! He squirts so hard and repeatedly, it seems it will never stop! So much that it seems that he can wet the entire bed! Oh he is so damn hot and sexy! And he is with me right here, right now!

My halloween night got on its pick with a pretty hot fuck! I certainly wouldn’t mind a second date, taking into consideration the size of his tool and the loads of cum he released for me!


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