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Confessions – Day Nineteen


There he is lying in the big bed, naked and hard. I just love the fact that he gets hard real fast! It makes me hornier. I climb up the bed, crawling slowly towards him. My perky breasts and hard nipples are hanging from my chest for him to see. I lick my lips as I spread his long muscled legs open, and stop between them. With my small hands I cup his big balls. It feels so firm and heavy! On them stands his erect and very stiff cock. The man is huge! I have this lust burning like fire inside me.

“I am going to take charge now.” I tell him.

“Do it.” he says.

I cup his heavy balls and I feel him tense while watching me play with his hard dick. Playfully, I lick his cock head, enjoying the clear warm precum that he is oozing. Licking more on his tip, and sucking on his big bulbous head. He fills my mouth with his huge cock! I am drooling fresh saliva all over his shaft. I hear his loud moaning and that makes me hotter!

Sucking him harder and faster now. Squeezing his balls from time to time and pulling my head up while his cock is inside my wet mouth. That makes a hard sucking sensation for him, and that makes him groan so loud.

“Hell yeah, baby!” he screams.

His body squirms with my every move. I feel his tensing cock inside my mouth while I keep rubbing its inside my mouth walls. I can feel he loves every bit of it.

Now and then I scratch his inner thighs with my long fingernails. He seems to love that too! I can feel his thighs shake while I scrape his skin. He is in ecstasy! I am giving him what he longs for. And I am enjoying the power I have over this man. I love it!

“I know you like this.” I tell him while I keep ravishing him.

“Yes, yes! You will make me cum with that!” he yells.

“OH not yet you naughty boy!” I say, “Not until I say so!”

“Fuck!” he yells again.

I keep sucking his huge cock and swallowing all the precum that he is oozing. He tastes sweet and so good! I spit on his cock  and smears it all over his long and stiff shaft, making is legs shake. I feel he is so close to coming, and I want him to shoot his first cum inside my mouth!

“I am close! So close!” he screams like an animal.

I am not stopping, even though I can hear his screams. I like his taste, and I am going to get more of it! After a few more minutes he starts to convulse and is squirming restlessly, while he keeps arching his hips towards my mouth. I am gagging with his size but I do not mind. I want his cum!

A few more seconds and he lets his big cum shoot inside my mouth. It feels so warm in my mouth, and my tongue enjoys the musky sweet tang of his taste as I swallow his semen.

“AAAAHHHHH!!!” he groans while he keeps coming continuously.

He is gasping from the huge load release, but that does not mean he is done. He remains on his back while catching his breath, and I start climbing on his thighs, his hard erection only a few inches from my wet hot hole. I am secreting my musky juice, and I know he can smell it as his chest keeps rising up and down very quickly. Leaning towards him, I reach for his lips to kiss.

I kiss him with my wet pouty lips. Instantly he sucks me! His one arm wraps me and pulls me towards him, while his other hand cups the well rounded ass cheeks of mine. He loves my ass. Great! Pulling me to him eases my wet slit and brushes along his smooth balls and shaft. I perch on his long hard dick while we are still in a very deep lip-lock action!

I am moving my hips. He feels it and playfully thrusts to me. That makes me wild! I shift myself and starts to wet his pink head. That is the ultimate tease! He grabs my hips and pulls me towards his dick, sliding in my open and wet pussy hole in one powerful shove!

“Ahhhh Fuckkk! You are so big!” I yell.

“This big boy is all yours baby!” he says.

“YES! Fuck me baby; fuck my hot wet pussy!” I say out loud.

With that he sits up, swiftly embracing me and holding my back, and lays me on the bed with ease. He places my legs on each his shoulder, and starts fucking me hard! I am screaming and scratching his skin while he keeps banging my wet cunt.

“Harder!” I yell. “Fuck me more!”

“I’m going to fuck you all night baby! Oh yes, you hear me. All night!” he tells me while gasping for air.

I keep moaning and squirming while Jake fucks me harder and deeper. He is so good. He keeps rubbing my thighs and legs; he presses his palm on my belly and lower belly as he is thrusting more. I can feel his length inside my tummy. Oh that is just hot! His smooth in and out motion drives me crazy and make me so horny!

“Don’t stop! Don’t stop! Fuck me Jake! Fuck me, I am so close!”

He turns much wilder upon hearing me say that, and keeps on digging my deep wet cunt. I start convulsing. I am feeling nauseous with lust, yet I still want him inside me. I can feel it building up. Oh I am so close, I am going to cum now! A few more seconds and I will reach my climax. Hot gush of cum flows from my pussy as he is prodding me, and my slime trickles down my ass crack and onto the bed.

“Baby you are so hot!” he says.

“Mmmmmmmmm.” is all i can reply, trying to catch my breath after my big gush.

“Be ready for another sperm splash!” he warns me.

“I am all ready for you, hottie!” I say.

With that, he shoots his second shot of hot lava inside my cunt. He is sizzling hot! Inside and out he is on fire! He shoots another fresh load deep inside me. I am shaking with pleasure, and so is he. He collapses on top of me, burying his feverish face in my neck while he is still hard deep in me. It feels so good.

His heart is beating fast, and he is heavily breathing too. He lifts his face slowly to look at me and says:

“You make me fucking horny baby!”

“Hmmm good! Catch your breath then because I am ready for round two!” I reply giggling, and thrusting my hips to him at the same time. His wicked grin tells me he really means it when he tells me this is going to be an all-nighter!


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  1. Very sexy and erotic. almost feel that hot mouth and tight pussy. your talents are not only well written but must be well preformed. Awsome story, keep them coming.

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