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Late Night Work


When a boss takes advantage of his position to abuse his secretary after keeping her late in the office

9 pm on Saturday night, she was watching some Bruce Willis action movie on DVD, her favorite. Just by looking at him made her feel good. And every time he flashed that crooked smile, it made her feel warm. She got up from her big couch wearing nothing but her white tanks and pink tight shorts. She walked to her kitchen and prepared some popcorn.  She took a nice iced tea from the fridge. All set for her late night “work” in front of a good movie. She meant to stay up till late. She sat relaxed on her big couch with the TV turned on. She leaned comfortably and rested her head and body. Stretched her shapely legs before her, and took the bowl of fresh popcorn beside her. She popped some popcorn in her mouth and crunched to the salty-buttery taste, licking her lips each time she swallowed. Suddenly, her mobile rang as she was sipping her iced tea.  She reached for it on the side table. It was a text message and it read:

“Office, now. Deadline changed for tomorrow.”

She sighed and sent a reply:


She had to go.

She went straight to the shower, and then got dressed. She left her pad in just a light blue mini skirt and a blouse with a V-neckline. She smiled at the night guard as she reached the lobby, walked out of the building and took a cab to get to the office. Thirty minutes was all it took to reach her office. She walked through the entrance, stepped in the elevator, pressed “4” and leaned back on the lift walls, trying to relax.



The door opened, and she stepped out. Quiet, very quiet.  She walked through the hallway, entered the spacious reception area and pushed the heavy glass doors. She walked through the room filled with computers. The entire area was dimly lit as most people were already out. Probably the others were in the editing room where slight murmurs were coming from. Yes, that was her team.

She was probably to sit with them in there too. In she went, and looked for her boss. She stopped at the door by his office when one of the editing staff bumped into her, and pulled her in to the room.

“Hey Alecx! Glad you’re here. Come join us in our agony!” one of the staff said to her smiling as she handed her a coffee grande.

Once in the room, she saw that only a few were there.  There he was too, the boss, who asked her to come by.

Hours passed. It was almost 3 am. They called it a night since everyone was tired, and so was she. They packed out stuff and got ready to go. Everyone went out quickly. As she was about to go out too, she noticed that all the coffee cups were left on the table. She could not help cleaning the mess up.  She put down her bag on the couch, closed the door and started a quick clean-up. Those boys left cups on the floor too she had to bend over and reached them.  She did not hear the door shut and locked since her focus was the floor. She heard footsteps, the light in the room was dim, and she had to adjust to the lighting to see who came in.  A silhouette of a man walked towards her, as he came closer she recognized that it was Jake, her boss.

“What was holding you up? I’ve been waiting for you outside.” he said.

“Can’t help it, I tidied up a bit.  You know I don’t like litters.” she replied.

“Oh yes. I do know that. And I can’t help but notice how nice this butt of yours look when you bend over” he teased her with a naughty grin on his face.

She could not help and grinned. He always knew how to tickle her fancies.

“Jake, it’s late. I need to go home and sleep.”

“And I know just how to get you sleepy.” he said as he reached for her rounded-firm-butt. His hands caressed each mound; squeezed them, pressed them, rubbed them.

“Hmmmmm….” was her soft moan.

She stared at his dreamy eyes that told her how he wanted her so bad. She understood how he felt and craved for her. She let him touch her, gentle and hard. He took his time; his hard body started to press against her breasts. His scent instantly swooned her head. Her nipples got hard as he pressed his body harder. They fell on the couch. He pinned her down. There was no escape. He slid off her runners, socks, and ran his big hands on her shapely legs.

“Hmmmm…” she cried.

He leaned more to her and brushed his cheeks on hers. He kissed her lightly on the cheeks, her jawline, her chin, her neck. She gasped. He smiled. His hands ran from her legs up to her thighs, to her butt. He brushed along her smooth freshly shaven pubis with his thumb. She cried more. She moaned so softly that it ignited the fire in him. He sat, slid off his shirt, shoes, and jeans, now naked before her. She giggled.

Then he reached for her body. Slipped off the blouse and skirt she wore. She was just in black thongs and push-up bra before him now. He leaned on and started to kiss her deep;  hungry! He sucked and kissed her lips. He quenched his thirst. His lips trailed all over her body. Every exposed skin was filled with his hot breath.

“I want you so much!”

She felt him suck her breast, taking her high pitched voice into a sexy moan.

“Ooohhh!!’ she moaned.

He slipped off her bra and freed her creamy breasts. So firm and perky, just the way he liked.  His hungry mouth took one tit and sucked it hard! She squirmed.

“Easy Jake… ooohh!!” she bit her lip as she felt him sucking harder.

He went down her tummy, her navel, and finally to her wet cunt. His tongue glided in her wet slit. He tasted her; flicked her clit, and enjoyed what he found. Fresh from her recent shower, he found it enticingly warmed up.  He pressed his face between her thighs and buried his mouth and tongue deeper in her. Her cupped her butt and ate her pussy like a hungry beast! He groaned and roared as she arched her hips to offer him more. Her fingers tangled all over his messy brown hair. She tugged, gripped, pulled his hairs. She screamed! She loved his lips, his tongue, and his hands all over her convulsing body. The couch shook beneath them. Still he could not quench his thirst.

“You taste so damn good!” he groaned.

“Ummmmm!!!” was all she can utter as she restlessly squirmed in his mouth. She rested her legs on both his shoulders and locked him to her, pulling him closer.

“Give me your juices! C’mon baby! Yes that’s it. More… more!” he shouted as she kept flooding his mouth.

“I’m so wet Jake!” she cried, her legs shaking around his shoulders.

“Yes little dirty girl. I love it when you’re wet and oozing more for me! I’m gonna lick you… lap on you…suck your bud till you scream my name!”

She uttered a deep “Ahhh!!!” while he kept devouring her. Her eyes were shut, and she felt herself building up fast.

“Fuck! Oohh!! Oohh! Oh my god! Jake……. I’m so close! FUCK!!! JAAKKKE!!”

She shook hard all over. Her legs flexed while he sucked and tongue fucked her. His face was soaked with her juices. A hard drive from his hot tongue and she felt herself burning. A last flick on her clit and she climaxed!

“Ooohh Jake… I-I-I… am… there… oohh!! Babyyyyyyy! Oohh!! Haahhhh!!!”

She gushed warm clear cum all over his flushed face and lips. She could not stop! She gasped for air as her legs shook on his shoulders. They were both sweaty. He licked her slow, cleaning her up with his tongue, drinking her pussy juices to his content.

He lifted her from the couch, picked up their clothes and walked her to the back of the room towards his personal office. Both were walking naked in the dimly lit room. Her legs and body were still quivering. He tossed their clothes to the chair. She grinned as he came up to her again. She took his hands and pushed him on his leather chair. A big recliner. He wiped his table free from papers and sat her there just right in front of him. He set both feet on his chair’s armrests and she opened her thighs freely. What he saw was the way to paradise. He inhaled her scent, and urged to taste her again. He dove deep in her wetness and instantly knocked her down his desk. She moaned louder as she felt his mouth and tongue ravishing her –again. She lifted her hips and made him lap on her juicy slit. His hands reached for her taut nipples and pinched them both. She ached for him. She tingled, a sensation, a current, and a heat that burned in her.

“Oh Jake…  please” she begged.

He pulled her up from his desk, and she climbed onto his lap, like a purring kitty. She rested both thighs on each of hi sides. She felt his tip on her pussy lips. Her nipples got harder when she touched his cock. He was so hard and hot in her small hands.  She wiped some oozing precum with her thumb. His breathing increased pace when she slid her hands down his base, to his bulged balls. She squeezed him firmly. He grunted and groaned.

“She is amazing!” he thought.

“Hmmmmmm… you’re so hot Jake” she whispered.

“I want you badly. You are my slutty editor in chief!” he groaned.

She giggled as she heard that. His sweet blushing face was staring at her as she perched on his hard shaft. She was burning with raw lust, and he was steel hard. She rubbed along his shaft. It felt so good! Her clit got hard like a marble on her wet slit. She kept sliding back and forth.

He cupped both breasts with his palms, and took one in his mouth. She ached more, wanted more.

He then caressed her back, rubbed down her hips as he pulled her closer to him.  Suddenly she licked his open mouth in a lusty way, and slowly slipped his cock in her hungry cunt at the same time! She felt him burn with hotness as she pushed little by little, more and more. She felt his shaft filling her inch by inch. As his bulbous head popped inside her, she squirmed. She dug her fingers on his shoulders while she arched her back. He filled her with his monster cock right down to its base. For a moment they just kept still. She felt the steel rod shoved in her and she gasped hard!

He breathed heavily, buried his face in her neck, as she started to sway. A slow, smooth movement; she grind him. She went fast, then slow, changing pace. His hands gripped her hips, pulling her in rhythm. She went faster, faster, and faster. He let out a loud groan! They rocked the chair. In and out, his hard cock went in her slimed cunt. The squeaky sound of a hot-fuck… faster… deeper… faster… more!

“Ahhhhh!!!’ he groaned.

He rested his head on the back of the chair. He surrendered himself to her. She controlled the movements, the pace, the depth… She was totally in charge! She grinded on him more. He pressed against her deeper and he reached her inside. He hit her spot, making her cry out loud.  She scratched his bare chest and went wild on his lap. She was bouncing up and down so fast! Her juices were flowing as her climax came closer.  She screamed loud again. She humped faster, faster, and deeper and deeper.

“OMG!… I’m coming!!!’ she cried.

“Yes girl… cum with me” he said.

He pushed hard, and it burst hard. She squirted! She wet him all over his crotch and chair, just as she gasped onto him.

“Ohh I am coming, coming I’m coming in you!….Aahhh!!!” he grunted loudly, shooting heavy loads inside her.

He closed his eyes and fell back to his chair, holding her.

“Ummm you’re still hard inside me Jake” she said.

“Yes, can’t get enough of you!” he admitted, kissing her lips. “Want to shower?” he asked.

“Sure” she said, as she pulled herself up.

Hand in hand, they stepped into the showers. The warm water felt good on their skin. She closed her eyes and let it pour on her face, trickled down her shoulders, body and legs. She got excited as she felt his hands cupping her from behind.

“Never enough?” she giggled.

“With you, never…” was his hoarse reply.

He squeezed her firm breasts, flicked her nipple, and she moaned wilder.

“Ravish me tiger!” she purred like a horny kitty, exciting his senses.

One hand nubbed her nipple, as the other moved down and slid between her thighs, instantly finding how hot she was in there. She spread her legs for him, offering her still hot clit. He rubbed it hard with his manly fingers, harder as she moaned louder. Her lusty voice echoed in the shower. She clung around his neck.  Both hands were busy on her, his lips and tongue ravishing her neck and shoulders. He grunted and groaned loud with each taste of her wet skin. She reached for him behind her, and found his hot dick. Grabbed and rubbed him briskly. They were touching each other while the water was pouring on them. His tongue licked her neck and back, loved her skin, and tried not to bite. She ached for him again.

In a swift move, she pushed him by the shower walls, cupped his tight balls and caressed his cock till it grew to his full length. She moaned as she licked his hard cock in passionate lust. Kneeling before his spread legs, she held him firm, while she kissed his tip. She smeared slimy cum all over his shaft with her full lips. His cockhead got the most attention. She slurped that sweet clear pre cum from his cock slit, and then teased his hole with the tip of her tongue. It teased him so much that he craved to fuck her hard again!

“Not yet.” she commanded.

She heard him grunt when she squeezed on his tight balls and slid his cockhead inside her hot mouth.

“So thick and big!”

He filled her mouth.  His shaft disappeared and reappeared in her pouty lips. Fast glided in, and slow hard suck out. He felt his brains were being sucked out his head. She grabbed his butt-cheeks and pulled him more. He tensed and  cried.

“I’m coming!”

He sprayed hard shots of hot thick creamy cum in her mouth, making her gag a bit, as she was trying to keep up with the flow. But she managed to swallow it all up without wasting a single drop.

He pulled her up, picked her by the butt, and pinned her on the wall. Her legs were wrapped around his waist as he held her by the butt.

“Ooh Jake!” she said.

Her wet pussy brushed on his belly, leaving slimy fluid on his skin. He pulled her up, then slowly lowered her on his still erected cock. He bounced her up and down, hitting her deep inside every time. She screamed, squirmed, and shook her head from side to side as he drilled her more. She bit her lip as pain and pleasure mixed together. Her fingernails dug on his pale skin again, and left deeps marks on his shoulders.

“I’m about to burst again!” he told her.

“Jake!!! OMG! Hold me, hold me!!” she cried.

Her arms shook while she held on to him. Waters still splashed on the tiles. She gripped his waist with her legs, and thrust herself to meet his own.

As she bounced deep and hard on to his thick cock, she met his thrust for an earth-shattering climax! He burst like no other, and sperm starting flowing from her pussy down his legs. She still clung to him so tight, unable to make a move. The painful yet great sensation of him lodged deep inside her was a bliss.

“I think you can go home now. Don’t be late tomorrow OK.” he whispered as he kissed her swollen lips.

She smiled, wondering if she could put this as overtime!


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          1. If you ever chat with me, one on one, you’ll find I’m far more than just a tease. 😉 And yes, that is an offer. 😀

          2. Both she and my ex are … come to think of it, every sexual experience I’ve had can be turned into a story!

  1. Amazing!!! Ican’t wait to get to work tomorrow! lol I’ll imagine this scene over and over and over again. You make work fun. Great story. Exciting. Sexy. Hot. Erotic. Dirty. Wet. I want more!!!!

  2. My that is a an awsome story, i am not sure if it is a great imigination or from experence, and realy don’t care, it makes this mystery lady one hot item, The mystery drives me wild, by not being able to see the real lady. Awsome work.

    1. WOW Donaldraie, this kind of comments is the best reward for all the hard work i put in this blog and in the stories. I can confess you that all the story have a large part of real life experience in them. If you look well in the blog, somewhere, there is the “full real lady” as you call me! Thanks for your support!

  3. I just continued to hold her ass and suck her nipples while she came until she let out a sigh while sitting still, my cock still buried deep inside her. I looked up to see her smiling down at me, then she started to move off of my cock while telling me to sit up on the seat I was leaning against. I moved up and she stayed on her knees, positioning herself in front of me and taking my slippery cock in her hand after sliding my pants and underwear down to my ankles.

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