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Confessions – Day Twenty


He is still gasping but I can feel that he wants more. And I want more too. I want round two now!

So I thrust my hips to him again. I can feel his hard cock tensing inside me. He is amazing! He is still rock hard even after cumming a while ago, and I love it!

“Give me more hot stuff.” I bluntly say.

“Damn baby! I love your appetite!” he tells me with a big boyish grin.

He looks cute with his blushing face. His warm skin burns me, and ignites all my senses. It’s true, he cannot get enough of me, and I must say I can’t get enough of him either.

While he is soaking deep in me, playfully grinding inside my overly wet pussy, I tease him with my licking tongue, running it slowly all over his face, his cheeks, his jawlines, his parted mouth, onto his nose bridge to his forehead, and eventually landing in his earlobe. The tip of my wet tongue is making circles on his ear. A slobbery sound is what he hears. I can feel him shiver when I start sucking his ear. I let out a very sexy teasing moan while I busy myself licking his lobe. I know he loves it because his cock digs deeper in me.

I keep on going with my teasing game and he starts getting loud again. I love his male sexy groans. It makes me feel my power over him. My hips can tell how much this man wants to surrender to me. And I am seizing the moment. His whole body jitters, he squirms, and becomes restless. I am enjoying this so much! I am on fire! My beasty instinct awakes, and I look at him as my prey now!

In a swift move, I get on top of him. Straddling this sexy hunk, I am aiming my hips to nothing else but his big hard dick. He groans when I sway. He sure loves it. His face is turning bright red with desire. His mouth opens and closes at my every thrust. His eyes keep staring at me in awe. I can sense his lust. I can feel his desire. He wants me as much as I want him.

“Do you feel my depth?” I ask him in a very lusty voice.

“You are so deep! I feel like in an abyss!” he tells me as he is sweating.

“I want to fuck you harder bad boy” I say.

“Ohhh Angelicka… I will not complain!” he tells me in a deep achy voice.

He is in total abandon to me. I am riding him, with slow movements. I wet his cock, and soon enough it keeps dripping down to his balls. I am fucking him hard. I move my hips and grinds on to his hot big penis! I keep on grinding, and grinding, and grinding again! I feel the warm gushing cums from my cunt lubricating his shaft. I take his hands and place them on my perky tits. I want him to take some action!

“Touch my tits! I want you to pinch my nipples now.”

Jake pinches my nipples, and that turns me on so much! His hands cup and grab my boobs. I let him rub and squeeze them both. As he tries to reach for sucking my nipples, I push him back onto the bed:

“Wait until I tell you so! Patience.” I order him.

His pinching is such a turn on that I grind harder on him. Harder. Faster. In circular motion. And then side to side. It feels so exciting that I am going to cum anytime soon. So close, very close! I am convulsing, riding him faster!

“I am fucking you big boy!” I say as dirty as possible.

“Yes horny dirty slut! Fuck your big boy!” he says.

I am continuously fucking him as hard as I can! He is as hungry as me. My cunt is totally soaking wet. Bouncing up and down his cock, which is rubbing my pussy walls and filling me up. God this man is huge!! I really crave for his fucking. I believe he can tell, because I ride him like a mustang in a rodeo!

“Yes, just like that baby! “ he groans.

“Feel how my cunt fucks you baby…” I say, achingly.

“Yes!!!” he shivers.

I fuck him so wild now, harder, deeper, and wetter! The sound that my juicy pussy makes is an added bonus; it is teasing him so much that his cock is becoming massively huge! My ass shakes and humps him hard. I can feel his balls on my pussy lips. I slam onto his cock. I push on to him more and drive my wet hole to his massive penis! It feels so amazing!

I convulse on top of him. His skin is burning hot. He is about to cum anytime now. A few more hard rides on his cock, and he is shooting a massive load of cum inside me. His legs folds at right angle, giving him extra power to fuck me hard too!

“Fuck yes!!! Fuck me like never before!” he yells.

“Yes, oh yes!” I say.

He shoots more inside me. Feeling is sticky warm sperm in my vagina is just so awesome. I can get used to that!

“Don’t stop baby! Don’t you stop cumming and fill my cunt with your hot cum! I want it!” I say.

Jake is trembling, jerking all his cum inside me. It feels so breathtakingly hot to know I have such power over him.

He pulls me down on his sweaty chest and wraps me in his strong arms. I can feel his loud heartbeats thumping. It is so wonderful. This man is a stunning hot and I fucked him to the max tonight! Awesome!

After a few moments, his embrace loosens a bit. He tells me something that I can barely hear.

“Ummm yes Jake?” I ask with a sleepy voice.

“I said you are a hot devil, Angel.” he tells me again.

I am giggling on top of him. I bit him playfully and lick the teeth marks i just made.

“Do you think so?” I say.

“No doubt.” he replies.

I am in a state of bliss at this moment, and I don’t want it to end. I pull myself up a little to reach his smiling mouth, and give him a long lusty wet kiss.

He lets out a soft “Mmmmmmm”; and just then we can hear a squishy noise down there. He just unplugged his massive cock and my pussy is now releasing the loads of cum he kept filling me with.

This movie date is one of the hottest dates I ever had!


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  1. I always heard there were Angels in heaven but i think we have a little heaven on earth here. the only reason i would stop making love to you is by passing out. Such a hot lady.

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