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Confessions – Day Twenty Three


10:00 pm – At home, laying on my couch

Today I am being a good girl! No restaurant, no party, no hanging out with friends, no disco, no nothing! Just resting at home, with  a nice glass of Chardonnay, Lisa Ekdahl playing on my iPod Touch, a few vanilla scented candles scattered on the coffee table, and the lights romantically dimmed. And of course my intimate journal open on page i left it last time.

May be this time I will finally get the time to finish relating what happened during my Valentine night!

So Tony (my hot jogging neighbour) was at the doorstep, Jake (my last movie date) canceled the dinner at the last minute, and Lucy and I were heading to the door to welcome our date!

When we opened the door in unison, Tony’s jaw literally dropped. He was most probably expecting to see me in a classy pink dress, but instead he was welcome by two hot girls looking like wild party animals! He looked so cute with his completely puzzled expression, the huge bunch of flowers in one hand, and the bottle of Veuve Clicquot in the other, his Armani 3 piece suit feeling a bit tight on his muscled chest and arms, and his shiny shoes. It didn’t take him long to put back a bright smile on his face though. His predatory instinct probably took over very quickly at the sight we were offering him.

We walked Tony in, Lucy freeing him from the flowers and Champagne while I was taking care of his jacket to make him feel more comfortable. I offered him to sit on the couch and relax while we were getting some appetizers, a few glasses and a bucket full of ice to keep the bottle cool. There was still a big question mark floating above Tony’s head, and Lucy had the brilliant idea to play some ambient music while we were preparing the drinks. Tony didn’t really dare to ask about Lucy, and it wasn’t until I finished pouring the Champagne into the glass that I formally introduced her as my “lover”.

Tony froze for like ten long seconds, and then burst in laughs! Apparently he didn’t believe a single word of what I said, and took it as a good joke, which in turn left us kind of puzzled. But my dear Lucy, in her very unique nature, didn’t remain surprised for long. Seeing his very poor faith in my words, she grabbed my head with both hands and undertook to French kiss me the most passionate way ever. Tony’s laugh stopped instantly; he could definitely see she was no kidding at all. Dear Lucy got a bit carried away though. The contact of our lips probably reminisced our last intimate encounter, and she suddenly seemed to have completely forgotten about Tony. She was digging her tongue in my mouth (very sweet tongue indeed) while her hand started to fondle my breasts, getting my nipples instantly erected. I could hardly control myself too, and was every second on the edge to abandon myself to her touch. Tony’s jaw dropped again big time; he probably never could have imagine I was bisexual after the great sex we had last time. Lucy’s passionate fondling unwillingly undid a couple of buttons of my blouse, which ended up in releasing one of my boobs out of the fabric. It just popped out of the garment. At this very moment, Tony’s eyes popped out of his eye-sockets and his tongue dropped on the floor.

It took me a lot of self control too cool Lucy down a little bit, to cover back half of my nude breasts, and to put myself back together. It felt like Lucy was a vampire taking control over me and trying to suck more than my blood! The way this girl can make me lose control is freaking me out sometimes! I do have a strong will and I am dominant the dominant kind, but she makes me feel different, for whatever reason.

While Tony was picking up his tongue on the carpet, put his eyes back into place and fixed his jaw, I was trying to hide my painfully hard nipples from anybody’s sight. Lucy carelessly wiped of the saliva from her mouth with her sleeve, reached to her glass and proposed a toast! Something like: “To the hottest girl in town! Happy Valentine’s!”

Somehow I was feeling a bit bad for Tony. But hey! I am not the one who asked for it! Plus having these two sensual human beings next to me and feeling them craving for me was one the the best treat I could think of! We all clinked glasses, and Tony raise his glass and claimed: “To the poutiest lips I ever met!” and then swiftly reached for my lips and gave me a long horny French kiss with no warning at all!

Damned! It was supposed to be my game, but I was literally being played by my two favourite antagonists!

01:02 am – Still laying on my couch

I can’t believe I have just spend over an hour and half on the phone with Lucy! She keeps on bugging me to arrange another dinner with Tony, her and me! It looks like she is craving for a second round! I am not surprised though, after what happened that night!

Anyway, she stopped me in my writing fervour, and it is getting very late now. I’ve got to be up and fresh in not less than four hours for a business trip to Hong-Kong!


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