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Confessions – Day Twenty Two


11:00 am – At the fish spa

Finally! The past few days were just work, work, work, but at last I could manage to find a bit of “me” time. I am now dipping my lovely feet in a small pool full of tiny fishes eating all the small imperfections of my skin! I just love these fishes! That is so relaxing. The spa plays this soft zen music that makes one feel like in limbo. Add to this the delicate scent of green tea essential oils coming from the burners scattered all over the place. Just stepping in the spa makes me feel on vacation already!

At long last i can find the time to get back to my intimate diary and resume the confession of my Valentine night.

So that night, Lucy reached my place before me, and she was there waiting for me when I arrived, just before 6 pm.The amazing thing about Lucy is that she is always (as in always) looking her best. Perfect French manicure, her curly blond hair impeccably done, wearing the latest perfumes, D&G bag, Prada shoes, well the perfect high maintenance “lady”. We entered my place, my barbie girl of flesh and blood and I. Once inside, of course, she opened my shopping bags one by one, commenting on every single piece of clothes I bought. In the meantime I made us a cup of tea (Lucy hardly knows how to even boil water, but she has other talents…), and then we headed to the bathroom so that I could get ready.

While showering, I elaborated the plan with Lucy. She was to play the role of my official lover, and we would “use” the two guys as our bodyguards/escorts. It was just a white lie anyway, as Lucy and I already shared a few intimate moments in the past, to our greatest pleasure. We kept on giggling all the time at the idea of the face they would make once they reach here! We would definitely have to improvise a lot, but that was part of the fun too. Lucy went to my bedroom to compose my attire for the night while i was doing my hair. When she returned, I was already mid-way of my making up.

As I would have guessed, she picked up my new checkered school style dress, with a white blouse. She probably thought that Valentine’s was a Japanese college! She even chose some girly cotton panties… but no bra!  Lucy does have the sense of composition!

I was just finishing buttoning my blouse (Lucy was adding a touch of red on her pouty lips) when my cell received an incoming text. It was Jake (my last movie date). It was reading something like: “So terribly sorry. Stuck in the jungle. Walked two hours uphill to find a bit of network, just enough to send you this. Won’t be back before a week at least. Sorry again. Kisses.”

That was quite some unexpected news! So now only Tony, my hot jogging neighbour, was about to show up any minute. I was starting to feel some kind of panic as my plan had lost one of its pillar, but when i told Lucy about it, she just replied that it was even better that way, as it would make it much easier for us as we would have to play our role with only one person. At that moment I completely relied on her judgment, and just then the door bell rang. Tony was here! Lucy and I looked at each other, she grabbed my hand, and we went downstairs to open the door.

11:58 am – Still at the fish spa

I didn’t see the time passing, being so taken by writing in my diary in this peaceful atmosphere! The office just rang me and I have to rush back. I just allow myself a 5 minutes foot massage before heading back. I can’t get back to reality too abruptly!

23:30 pm – In my bed

The day just went like in the blink of an eye. So exhausted. I thought I could write a few more lines but I am dozing off. I guess I will have to call it a night. My diary deserves a big kiss for being so patient with me!

kiss of Angelicka

Here you go!


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