Political Scandal: Dirty Licks, Sinful Kicks


Discover a shameless political scandal that only power can permit

You’d queued up fifty plus interviews since graduating magna cum laude and you had not received one return interview. Not one. What sort of political scandal was that?

2 weeks later —you had to come up with something if you ever wanted to find a chance to work in your major. So, you’d decided it was time to audition yourself and your own interview.

“You fill me up so completely” the blonde gasped.

You spread atop her, pressed firmly against her nude gangly body and slipped your cock you’d held down her throat into the pulsant recesses of her sweatbox. You picked up the pace, fucking yourself deep in her gash.

“Oh, my god” she moaned when she felt your nude pelvis buck against her naked clit.

“Give me more of your hot cock” she cried out, “push it in, fill me with your naked meat. Fuck me!”

You heard a small gust of air and a “pop” when you withdrew your dick, drooling from pumping her willowy tight, schoolgirl cunt. The girl shuddered emptied after the absence of your extra girth. She sat up dazed from the fucking.

“What’s the matter, Austin?

Looking around the bedroom adjoining the lush office, you searched for your wife beater franticly.

“Yes, what’s the matter, Austin?” an earthy timber repeated from across the room.

You turned and shook your head, “Nothing.”

The other man who spoke arose, the buffed soles of his shoes leaving traces across the plush carpet. You felt his presence even before he’d approached the girl, wantonly spread on the four poster bed.

“We had an agreement, Woolman.”

The man reached for the young girl and lifted her tight pussy with lithe hands. He used the pad of a forefinger and touched her quim. He found her clitoris and brushed the tip up and around the too small column of feminine flesh, then back down into her teeny little cunt. The girl squirmed under his ministrations.

“Mmm, that feels good” the girl whispered.

You watched, bemused.

“It feels good” the man repeated; the satisfaction in his tone undaunted by the skillful thrusts his fingertip maintained.

The schoolgirl’s pussy sputtered out a juicy trickle of girl cum. She giggled panty-less. The masculine man turned then looked you squarely in the eye.

“Come here, Austin” he said.

When you’d hesitated for a sec, the very tall, lean, and respective gentleman barreled down on you. He circled his hands around your sides and swung himself to stand behind you. He walked you over to the edge of the king-sized bed slowly, like you were a toddler whilst the teenager reclined prettily.

“Get onto the bed” he said to you.

You started and he brought his chin close to yours.

“You want to work side by side with me when I am inaugurated?” he reminded you.

The man knew how to have what he wanted, whether any was a young and beautiful music performer-turned actress or political ingénue.

“Damn it” you ticked silently.

“Wait” you asked the gentleman.

You looked at the girl, so horned up to do anything, and playing with her twat.

“Are you 21 really?” you asked her point blank.

“I am, in a few years” the girl teased spreading her labia apart, near to giggling.

You shook your head – as if doing such would release your conscience from its fog of duplicity; this was the one juncture you’d always found yourself giving in to – the darker side of your ambition.

The decadent tall man pressed a palm onto your lower back and guided you into position to fuck once more.

It’d been too long since you’d had as good and tight a fuck as your girlfriend after the two of you split and longer still.

“Put your cock inside of her pussy” the man gentled.

Already on the edge, you eased your throbbing gristle back into the slick of the girl’s cunthole.

“The two of you fuck” the politician said.

The teen girl squirmed with delight.

The Senator told you: “Make her come”.

He walked to a leathered chaise lounge and hauled out his thick, short-haired prick.  He sat in his three piece suit, slacks undone, shirttails splayed. You fucked while he watched you with a smile, knowing he had you where he wanted you. He pumped his left-wing pole-gusher with long-handed pulls and a rise of precum bubbled into his hand, making his fuck palming slicker, ready to jerk furiously.

The arrangement the dark-haired man spoke about, you understood now too clearly.

“Fuck me good now” Senator Scottie Brown said, watching you piston your dick in an out of the girl’s pussy.

She’d begun tossing her head side to side, lost beneath the waves of orgasm.

“That’s it” the 6’6” tall New Yorker grinned.

He told you to watch him jerk off and you fucked the teen even harder, the girl’s cries of ecstasy muffled by the squall from the bed-to-floor banging.

“Make your Senator come…”


6 months before—you’d queued zero of umpteen job hunts. You made the top ten percent of your class and you didn’t have a single job prospect. You’d planned to give your dream of working with an established mentor one last try…

“Why are you here, son?” the politician asked you a second time.

“It’s my dream” you said. “Politics has been a part of my family since Jefferson and before.”

The office bustled with secretaries, interns and assorted staff whisking by you in a perpetual blur.

“What was your name?” he asked.

You told him. The distinguished man of forty-two got to brass tacks with you.

“To be eligible for Congress and to enter the Senate, you have to be at least 30. From your own words, you have another two years before you would even be considered to become one of the members of the House”, he told you.

The black-haired man closed the door to his office urban headquarters quietly.

“Son, I’m very busy, and you are back here a second week in a row?” he replied very straightforward.

“Just a touch of gray at the temples” he asked, “why should I have any interest in you?”

The impeccably tailored man, serving a third year on Capitol Hill, sat and eyed you, circumspect.

You told him there wasn’t anything you wouldn’t do. You wanted a career in political arena.

The distinguished man rose. He phoned a secretary in the outer offices and instructed he was not to be disturbed. He drew the blinds in the office decidedly.

“All right” the gentleman said.

He leaned back in his chair and clasped his fingers behind his head. He stretched his long, muscular legs beside his lacquered desk. There was no question he had a bulge tenting his pants; you imagined its growth might surpass the GNP. It looked… ample!

“You’re not some Blake Lively and this is not an episode of ‘Gossip Girl’” the Congressman told you.

“Yes Sir” was all you could manage to answer…

It must have been reply enough.

The masterful gentleman within the political arena pressed a button on the desk.

“First lesson,” he said, “a little leverage can take you in your career a long way.”

A monitor rose from an enclosed panel and you saw a video image of himself and you on camera for a second. The image flickered then switched to a porno of a girl giving a john what you would learn later was a ‘consortia blowjob’.

“I have a position for an assistant that may just become available.” The Congressman had a glint in his eyes.

“I’m straight” you heard yourself mumble meekly, realizing the moment next, your protest was off topic

“You’re boring” you heard you mind replay from your now very available ex-girlfriend. The man simply smiled, indifferent to your blatant chagrin.

The good-looking man spread his thighs, cock out, hard.


5 months ago—you’d shared the happy news with your girlfriend you’d landed your intern-job. What some would say was a tête-à-tête you discovered was she walking out…

“I’m leaving you” she said to you.

“What?” you admonished.

Your new ex-girlfriend reached into the dresser bureau and pulled out a package of Magnums.

“These are mine too. Not that we used them.”

Your ex pushed the condoms into her overnight bag and dragged it to the door placing it alongside the other suitcases she’d packed, smallest to largest.

“Why are you doing this?” you asked her.

“I told you” she’d stopped for a moment. “You stay out late till all hours; you don’t know how to cuddle, you know zilch about women, you’re a lousy lay, and your dick is too big.”

You followed her like a puppy dog, asking her to stay so the two of you could work things out and –

“What? My dick’s too what?” you had repeated.

“Big” your ex Zoey said, halfway out the door.

She paused.

“Look. We’re both vying for the same job as an assistant to two of the biggest up–and–coming members of Congress. You came to town to visit; moved in with me; then got your own place and you land an internship with the Senator your first day.”

You hadn’t won any job in one day. It’d taken you 5 weeks to get this far.

“I’ve been trying to get an interview with any Congresswoman for near six months” your new ex added. “I’ve got my chance now.”

“Once you told me you’d do anything to make your way to the top of the political stratum, and carefully avoid political scandal” she had said. “We’ll I happen to agree. We never did a thing to reach the stratosphere from the bedroom.”

“But… how can you say that?” you said to her. “I thought we were great together.”

The last thing your girlfriend Zoey offered you was a peck on the cheek.

“Sweetheart, you’re boring…”

The phone had rung. Your new boss had a new ‘assignment’ for you… gather information about a political opponent, by any means available to you. Do it and he’d make you his personal assistant.


2 minutes ago—your month-old intel had gone unfathomably awry

The crisp winter-sea air played roughly over your nude chest. Ribbons of pleasure rippled through you and your trembling, randy hard-on.

“I tried, I really tried” the feminine trill of your captor taunted; your mind already racing with thoughts, musings of hot domination, willing lashings, and dripping-wet sex.

You felt breaths of warm silky air caress your nipples, the muscles in your stomach taut with anticipation of promises of pleasure given unbidden.

You imagined hopelessly what was next.

Heels from a pair of red studded Giuseppe thigh-high boots clacked across the wood floor. Your knees ached from being in prayer position for so long.

Nothing could keep your dick from growing hard; not the chill from the air crawling across the ground; not the mutinous pang felt from the sting of your malevolent angel’s oil-slick riding crop; not even the precum that had already begun to seep from your weeping, horned-up cock.

The riding crop that had abused your heaving, tantalized, trussed-up body inched closely to your bowed head. You felt the tip of the crop touch the cleft of your chin. You not dare look up – unless you wanted more whipping making invisible welts onto your sweating, athletic skin. The scent of lavender and mint filled your nostrils; they flared at the presence of the firm, flexible, and long leather-bound instrument as it neared.

Your prick twitched and bobbed, leaving strings of syrupy honey onto the hard floor with its every thud… your mind turned inside-out, bewitched by the sensations wracking your body, anxious for everything the next moments were going to bring.

“Please, let me come” you whispered.


Fuck, if that riding crop didn’t connect to your skin with a vengeance.

“You didn’t make me come” the female voice taunted. “Why should I let you?”

Your dick spit out a healthy amount or pre-jism; a reaction from the cool calculated words of the woman above – mingled with the thrill from the pleasure you felt from every strike and cock-hardening welt.

“Such a disappointment” the voice said. “You’re a sorry lad, for someone so gifted.”

The woman sauntered teasingly then she stilled in front of you. The riding crop she brandished she pressed against your genitalia. She allowed the very long instrument to lift your cock and balls.

You had come to deliver an envelope. When the woman had opened it, she withdrew a series of photos. Visibly heated upon seeing the contents, she walked up to you, grabbed you by the eggs and asked:

“Who sent you?”

The sinfully beautiful Congress lady reached for your wallet and tugged your pants down causing them to pool around your ankles.

“Austin Woolman, is it?” she quipped.

When you hedged, the sexy female got within an inch of you and told you it was wise not to come clean. She tossed your wallet, driver’s license and contents onto a nearby work table.

She reached over into a tall armoire and retrieved what looked to be… an abnormally long set of nine tails.

“This will make learning who you are and why I shouldn’t contact the authorities, so much the more ‘fun'” she gleamed.


10 minutes later—you were hornier than a motherfuck. You need to come, come real bad…

“Tell me again, what did my political opponent tell you to do?” the beautiful politician and vixen queried.

You’d told her. You were to deliver an envelope. Keeping your boss’ discretions however was proving to challenge latent inhibitions: you’d been stripped, bound, and told if you didn’t divulge more than you were telling, you’d be in hotter water than the cool of the marina where you’d found the Congress lady. Except, you didn’t know who her political enemy was any more than you could keep your dick from going down. A political scandal could be emerging at this very moment.


The whipping she was administering was igniting something alight inside of you.

Your mind began to fog. Shit. You tried to focus on anything to distract you from your predicament: assignments from your boss, the Senator; his dry cleaning you had yet pickup; your renewal of your online subscription to Cam4 – anything to get your mind off topic. That you’d been caught with your pants downs literally did not offer brighter prospects in the near future.

“Mmm, fuck yes, please” you remember hearing someone say from afar.

“Let’s start from the beginning, little ‘spy’ shall we?”


It was 4 a.m. yesterday—the Senator emailed he’d plan a Capitol-acquaintance dinner for you: successfully deliver a package to a ‘Yasmine Wade’ and a meet-and-greet was yours. The address he gave you was far from the traditional beaten paths; the locale, not in the usual guides.

Three attempts to locate the building Congresswoman Wade texted to her and her secretary was about to quit the deal. Find my opponent, ‘in flagrante delicto’, capture him doing whatever sordid deed with any device with recording capability… and she’d soon find herself attending meetings with invites to Congress gatherings with Ms. Wade.

“I can be a brazen benefactress when I choose to reward” she’d added.

Here she was, Gemma Stewart, a grown woman, nearly 24, skulking around the midtown office of one of the most prestigious political minds in the nation, looking for her boss’ ‘target’ to get good old-fashioned dirt on him.

She’d crossed over to what appeared to be a back office. Wearing her new MJs she’d found in a killer bargain at Saks, she called the Mary Janes her ‘SJs’, after she’d seen actress Scarlett Johansson wearing a pair in a fashion print ad – it was the one consolation she afforded herself for working so hard to get to the secretarial job she had from Wade.

She spied dim light spilling from a second room. She snapped a few quick shots of a man and two young women – underage she imagined and turned to sneak her way out of the four-story brownstone.

She careened right into her pursuant, unaware he was the intended ‘bulls-eye’.

The figure in shadow switched on a desk light.

“What do we have here?”

Gemma felt slighted by panic.

“Senator Brown,” she stammered, “this – this is… not exactly how it looks.”

The Senator took her by the arm and led her to the back office where there was a bedroom adjacent. Realizing this was an out-of-townie on a ‘special date’, arranged by his planners, he secured the door gingerly. His office worked with consorts occasionally. They encouraged favorable constituency votes from political acquaintances, whenever the moments arose, making every possible thing to win the elections.

He turned and looked at Gemma.

He stretched out a palm.

“Hand over whatever you used for your recon” he said to her.

Gemma knew she was licked.

She placed her other department store purchase of the day, the mobile phone she’d used to take the photographs, into the Brown’s hand.

“Pre-paid mobile, intelligent ruse” the Senator noted.

Senator Brown gestured toward the exit. He mentioned to Gemma his limousine was at the outside foyer.

“Shall we?”

Gemma felt her tits tighten at the proposal.

A little later you’d soon discover it was you, Austin, who’d pay even hotter, sexual pay…


4:30 a.m. yesterday—you couldn’t find the physical address the Senator emailed you. You parked along what appeared to be a queue of cars near the boardwalk. It was then you saw the berth of boat slips.

Senator Scott Brown looked over the city from the limo atop a bluff overlooking the marina.

“Two things” Gemma told the Senator. “First, you finding me never happened.”

Senator Brown nodded.

“Second,” Gemma said, horny, salacious, and privy to the epiphany she might be able to call in a favor from the Congressman should she need one later, “how do you want me?” she volunteered.

A couple of minutes later, Gemma telephoned her boss, Ms. Wade.

“Did you get what I recrudesced?” the Congresswoman asked.

Not exactly, Gemma said. Gemma was finding it difficult to concentrate on the conversation while the Congressman’s tongue was up her pussy.

“I’m listening intently” the right-wing lady drawled.

“I found the man, only he was with two women, not one” Gemma said – her voice upped a scale into a high pitch.

She tried to shove Brown and his lashing tongue away from her moistened, very nude twat.

“You taste like Mint Julep” Congressman Brown murmured between suckles.

“Ohhh, eat me” Gemma cooed, flummoxed by the roughness of his pleasuring.

“What?” The woman politician questioned.

“Oh, god” Gemma whimpered, coming undone from the pressure of Brown’s hot horny tongue invading into her snatch.

“Please, oh please” Gemma said, squeezing her muff down onto the Senator’s nose and mouth. “Please, she corrected, flooding his face with slick female honey, give me another… oh goodness… chance!”

“Be here at my yacht, 7:00 p.m. sharp” Wade ordered.

“Yes, Ms. Wade” Gemma gasped.

“You dirty, dirty man” Gemma yelled, clutching her halter dress with her fists, gushing girl cum across the backseat interior – and Senator Brown.

“Seems my assistant will be making an early morning run to the cleaners” Brown said.

He smacked errant droplets of Gemma’s come from his fingers.

“Now” he said, leaning back. He placed her hand on his hung basket. “Eat me.”


6:00 p.m. today —you had to come or you thought your dick might split in two from the want of and lack of coming.
You berated yourself to not to move a muscle. The minx taunting you dropped to her hamstrings and copped a squat, her beautiful red locks crimson as the cinnamon-dusted curls of her luscious labia – the delicate folds parted ever so slightly while she held the position.

“Are you peeking at my cookie?” the woman demanded. “You like pussy?” she lavished.

Your tongue darted across your lips. You told yourself you were just thirsty and weren’t attempting to dodge the fact you hadn’t eaten any puss or fucked any snatch for a near damned month.

The sexy politician dropped her delicious, red-haired cunt onto you.

“Sniff me” she commanded.

You sputtered and gagged, your mind brimming into overload with the rush of sensations your eyes, nose, and mouth attempted to stave from your subconscious. The Congress lady smelled sugary sweet – and she tasted so incredibly fucking good.

“Look what we have here?” a voice rang loudly.

You looked up mortified, to see your boss, Senator Scottie Brown.

The woman hankered down in front of you never thought once to peek over her shoulder and see who had approached behind her.

“What are you doing on my boat?” the man asked her.

“It’s my boat. It was awarded to me in the settlement after our divorce, remember?” The Congress lady said blithely.

“I remember a lot of things” the Senator quipped.

You blinked, dazed, from the lashings, feeling hornier than a bitch in heat after being bound and cunt-raped for so long.

Senator Scottie Brown neared. He was bedecked in a jock and biker boots, his hairy stomach glistening under the candlelight bordering the main cabin and cabin floor.

“What the fuck have I gotten myself into?” you wondered and blinked several times.

“Shut up, and lie on the floor” the Congresswoman said drily.

Scottie Brown, NY. Senator, and congressional did exactly as he was told.

“What I do to him, I’m going to do to you” Yasmine purred.

The Congresswoman indicated herself as the huntress and you her prey.

It hit you, all at once. The Senator wasn’t looking for another assistant – he had plenty and more waiting to serve his every whim.

What he’d wanted was… oh, shit… someone who could keep up with satisfying his voracious sexual appetites; someone who could follow orders without question, you realized… on Capitol Hill and in the bedroom.

Yasmine Wade, the ex Yasmine Wade-Brown, lifted a candle from the many arranged around the cabin. You didn’t recall that being her name. You’d never have recognized her like this: her hair soft and in curls, unkempt and in a vivacious flurry around her hot cougar body. She raised a candle high – drops of fiery paraffin landed hotly over your nipples.

You flinched, squeezing your eyes tightly.

A hand grabbed your sweating testicles; Yasmine knotted them distracting you into a new pleasure-pain experience.

Ugh, yeah, you whined, eyes flying open wide. Scottie Brown lay beside you, his envy of your obvious new-found pleasure, palpable.

Yasmine grabbed a hold of your cock. She smiled then rolled you to one side. You felt your restraints loosened. The sexy Congresswoman touched your hand. She guided it to Congressman Brown’s throbbing, 8-incher.

“You want me?” the sexy lady asked.

“Yes” you groaned, drunk with fuck lust.

“Then make me want you” she told you. “Get my pussy off” she said.

She enclosed your hand with hers and reached for her cunny. Then she changed direction. She clasped both her hand and her own over Brown’s very large cock.

The good-looking Senator groaned.

Volcanic drops of clear precum trickled from his throbber and when you glanced down at your horny cock, it was oozing prehoney more than ever.

You looked at the Congressman, your boss. He returned you a look that answered all your secret, unspoken questions – Well fuck it to high heaven if Brown hadn’t been grooming you to be his right-hand man all along…

“Jack him” Congresswoman Yasmine commanded you.

The clock in the yacht cabin struck the time. It was 7:00 p.m. Gemma opened a side panel from the boat’s stern and she stared – at you, lying betwixt two politicians, bare for all the world to see if it could.

“Austin?” the young woman whispered almost inaudibly to you.

You bolted with energy unbeknownst, surprised from the startle.

“Zoey?” you cried.

“Zoey?” Congresswoman Yasmine Wade and Senator Scottie Brown chimed in unison.

“You told me you were Gemma Stewart” Yasmine said to the woman.

“Who’s Zoey?” the Congressman Scottie asked you.

“I should be asking the questions” the young woman said. You watched her gaze at your hard, glistening rod.

“Your big dick could quite possibly become your ‘Achilles,’ Austin” she told you.

Yasmine released yours and her hand from the Senator’s near-to-bursting cock. She stood and faced Gemma.

“You’ve got one minute to explain yourself before I have you snatched up and chained” Yasmine said.

“My name is Gemma, Gemma ‘Zoey’ Stewart. Zoey is my middle name” the young woman told her.

“The background check didn’t say anything about you having a middle personage ‘Zoey’” the sexy Congresswoman and sexpot said.

“There’s a lot you don’t know about me” Zoey said to the Congress lady.

“Really” the sexually experienced and worldly lady said, droll.

“Yes” Zoey told Yasmine.

Zoey stepped out of her mini-dress. She kicked it across the cabin floor. The candlelight glinted over her tight 23 year old body. She stood legs apart coolly as if she was the finest, sculptured art piece, her pussy and breasts on display magnificently.

Zoey looked over at you.

“Seems you’re not so sexually repressed Austin after all” she said

“She’s your…” Congressman Brown began.

“My ex-girlfriend??” you answered for the Congressman. “She was Senator”, you told him.

“Call me Scottie” Congressman Brown told you. “You’ve earned it, son.”

Zoey slipped a finger between her lips. She sucked it and withdrew it abruptly. Congresswoman Yasmine remained still.  Zoey placed her opposite hand on the lady’s shoulder.

“Like my ex, I learn quickly how to move in the right, political, circles” she told the Congresswoman.

Yasmine looked at you then at your boss, Senator Brown. She nodded at Brown.

The Senator looked at you; reaching for you horned-up pole, Brown stopped mid stride.

“I have too many assistants as it is” the Congressman said. “You ready to train and become my… apprentice?”

You turned to Zoey. She’d dipped her finger into Congresswoman Yasmine’s pussy. Spurts of vaginal honey coated her fingertip.

“Mmm, frig me off” the sexy lady commanded.

Zoey slipped a second finger into the Congresswoman’s snatch. Yasmine’s pussy lips swelled and spread wider.

“Frig me, yes.  Mm, finger fuck my pussy…”

You let out a low groan.

Zoey watched Yasmine then you. She lifted a brow. You recognized the ploy. She always raised an eyebrow when she issued out a challenge. Still she hadn’t quit testing you.

“What do you say?” Brown asked you.

You looked back to the Senator.

“Do it” you told him. “Jerk me off, Scottie.”

The Senator was motionless.

“You sure, Austin?” he asked.

You nodded.

“Do it now before I change my mind” you told him.

Senator Scottie wrapped a coarse hand around your fuck tool. He tried to close his long fingers around you but the fingers couldn’t meet up with the encircling thumb.

He jerked you off slowly.

You watched as your ex, Zoey fucked the Congresswoman. Yasmine was panting, knees close to buckling, totally ready to come. Zoey stilled her hand. Yasmine quieted. Zoey thrust three fingers upward into the Congresswoman’s pussy. She frigged the sexy lady hard.

“I’m coming” the Congresswoman yelled.

Zoey steadied Yasmine as she squirted volumes of honey-juice. The cunt drippings splattered over the hardwood of the cabin floor. Zoey pressed the more experienced woman to the ground and straddled her. Yasmine darted her tongue right into the young woman’s pussy.

“This is how I wanted ‘you’ to eat me, Austin” Zoey told you.

“Ahh, fuck” the Senator groaned. Still giving you a hand fuck, Scottie wrapped his free hand around his own veiny engorged cock. His hairy crotch grew slick with his precum. The two of you watched while Zoey rode Yasmine like a cowgirl bareback.

“Eat me” she demanded.

Congress lady Yasmine feasted upon Zoey’s pussy. The horny lady giggled between muffled gasps. She shoved her tongue deeper into Zoey’s cunt.

“Aww, fuck me” you heard yourself say.

“Fuck me!” Zoey said aloud. She spoke to no one in particular and everyone there in the cabin the same time.

“Fuck you?” Senator Scottie asked Zoey.

Zoey pulled her drooling cunt lips from Yasmine’s drenched face. She knee-walked, heels still on and straddled the Senator’s fuck-hungry cock.

“Sssssshiiiittit” the Senator growled as you watched your ex-girlfriend.

She squatted over your boss and sat her swollen pussy down onto his prick. Brown’s dick slipped right into her like a knife sliding into warmed butter.

“Shiiiiit, hell yes” the Senator grimaced.

Brown removed his hand from your cock and moved it to play with Zoey’s tits. He tweaked her nipple while she pressed her other one into her mouth. You watched entranced while Zoey brought the Congressman to edges of sexual depravity.

“Your turn” Congress lady Yasmine said to you.

She rolled you over onto your knees and you bolted.

“What the fuck are you doing?” you asked her.

“Giving you your just reward” Yasmine told you. “There’s still the matter of you attempting to blackmail me” the sexy vixen said. “Consider this your repayment for my trouble” she added.

Yasmine slipped a tongue into your rear and you jumped from the sensations. Your body convulsed under the soft, silky pleasures of her feminine tongue.

“Roll over” she commanded you, and you, so afire from the sexual tension she imbued in you beforehand, realized there wasn’t anything you wouldn’t do to get her off. ..

Beside you Zoey was riding Brown within an inch of his life.

“Oh baby your pussy is so tight” the Senator grinned. “Fuck my pole, baby” you heard him say.

“Yes!” Zoey screamed. “Austin, how come you never fucked me like this!”

“He has a cock the size of Texas, I imagine is the ‘why’” Yasmine commented.

“There’s only one way to get a horse hung stud that big to nut” the Senator said to her.

You felt something firm and solid press at the entrance to your butt.

Turning you realized the Congress lady had donned a strap-on. A mighty big strap-on dildo, from the feel of it…

“Oh, my god, seeing you take a cock up your ass is so hot” Zoey squealed

You were so horny… your fantasy watching your ex-girlfriend fucking another man had just come true, and now your biggest wish, your ex-girlfriend Zoey seeing you as a hot fucking stud, was becoming real.

Your hips lifted, responding to the mild pressure of the dildo and all of a sudden your chute spread. You opened up and the full length of the fuck toy slid deeply inside you.

“Ugghhhhhh” you moaned aloud.

“Oh, yes” Zoey screamed. “Watching you get fucked is like the hottest thing! I’m gonna cum!”

“I’m coming” Scottie bellowed.

The pounding Yasmine began shook places inside you didn’t know existed before now. The soft, slow penetrations, followed by the succulent, virile thrusts she threw you rocked your soul to high tide.

“Fuck me” you begged Yasmine, “fuck me!”

Zoey pulled off the Senator’s cock, and stretched out beside you.

“Is it good?” She asked you in a whisper.

“Oh, god..” was all you could muster.

Yasmine was fucking you something fierce; Zoey crouched to capture the fresh squirts of prehoney that shot out from your horse pecker with every jackhammer of Yasmine’s thrusts.

Zoey tasted the hot sticky fluid.

“You still taste so good” she told you.

“Arrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrgh, I’m gonna cum!” you screamed.

Yasmine thrust the incredibly long shaft of the toy deep into your opened rectum… the toy’s smaller end fucked her cunt feverishly each time she ravaged you.

“Ohhhhh, yes” Yasmine said. “Yes… Yes!” The Congresswoman released a stream of pussy juice jettisoning past the dildo volleying up onto your lower back.

“Yes!” the vivacious lady continued to scream, coming furiously onto you.

Scottie pounded his horny fuckstick right over you. Zoey had a hold of his balls, and she yanked them gently.

“Cum” she told the Senator, “cover my ex-boyfriend in warm, creamy cum.”

Senator Scottie sprayed a wad of jism so thick and voluminous, it ricocheted off you and back onto Zoey and himself. They both panted then did the unthinkable. Zoey wiped off the cum from you – and she fed it to the Senator.

The Senator licked his cum from her hand like it was ice cream from a sugar cone.

“My ex-boyfriend’s cockhoney tastes even sweeter” she told the Congressman.

“Oh god” you whimpered. “I’m gonna come more.”

Zoey reached down between your thighs and worked the large dildo in and out of your now well-fucked asshole.

“Oh, shit, oh, fuck, baby, fuck me, make me cream again” you cried.

Tears welled up in you because the fucking and the deep, methodic “itch” the thrusts brought off in your hole, simply compared to nothing you’d ever felt before, not even the one time you’d let Zoey finger it during sex.

“Fuck me!” you cried out.

Your horsemeat spat out floods of scalding white cum jets. Zoey cupped a hand under your dick and collected gobs of your sweet, sugary fuck semen.

You collapsed onto the hardwood floor. Zoey brought your cum up the Congressman. Scottie tasted the sweet, gamy spunk.

“Fuck, if it doesn’t taste like candy” he told your ex-girlfriend.

“Scott, you never told me you kept such randy company” Yasmine said, blissfully sated.

“Guess you never know what you’ve got until you discovered it” Scottie told Yasmine.

“You were never this sexually open when we were together” the Congresswoman said to him.

“I know the feeling” Zoey said to Yasmine.

“It takes years to feel comfortable with yourself and sexuality – you know what we deal with so regularly at the Capitol” Scottie reminded her.

“You two were together?” you asked Scottie.

“Married” Yasmine answered your question. “I was Mrs. Julia Yasmine Wade-Brown for 13 years.”

You and Zoey looked at one another, brows furrowed.

“How did you keep ‘that’ out of the news and tabloids? Imagine the political scandal…” Zoey asked the Congressman and Congresswoman.

“The same way we will keep you and your ex-boyfriend Austin out of the headlines, Zoey” Yasmine said. “By fucking each other privately, not politically” she smiled.

You stood – a human cocktail of pussy, sweat, and cum.

“The single life looks good on you” Zoey said.

“Yeah.., sex, lies, videotape and politics” you mused.

“Perhaps next time” Senator Brown said aloud.

Yasmine and Zoey eyed the Congressman curiously.

Scottie looked at you. He smiled wryly.

The ‘political scandal’ remained resolutely private, at least for now. You realized you’d just gotten promoted …


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