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Confessions – Day Twenty Seven


01:43 p.m. –  Sipping a coffee at Starbucks

I open my Diary and just find myself amazed by the length of time I didn’t touch it. Things have been pretty rough lately. Dad got sick. The whole financial markets are shaky and have badly hit our business. So I had to work and work like crazy. Work more, earn less. WOW! That’s not a life for me! I start thinking that I should find myself a wealthy husband and just take it easy. I had a few proposal lately (well I have a few every week actually!). Or may be I should just work as an escort, much less headache. For this I get more than regular offers too. I am always amazed to see how much money men are ready to spend just for sex, when they can have it for free at home. OK, my looks are above the average, I only wear designer clothes and my hair, nails and make-up are always perfect. But I don’t dress over sexy and I quite have the ‘executive’ look. Not the average slut from around the corner! Men are sharks who want to feed on our fragile flesh and skin.

I keep writing and I don’t see the time pass! I am getting late for my appointment at the beaut salon! Damn better pack my stuff now and continue this later!

 04:35 p.m. – Lounge of the beauty salon

I have just had my brazilian waxing and it was awesome as usual! Not only I feel clean and fresh after that, but the whole process is a real delight! I mean sort of. Of course there is the pain. But Glenda, the beautician who is taking care of me, is doing everything so nicely!

From the moment I step in, she helps me undress (she doesn’t do that for any other client, mind you!) and carefully hangs my clothes. She wraps me in a large towel, and I am not sure why exactly because as soon as I lay down on the table, she removes it, and replaces it with a mini towel that she puts across my tummy.  She knows me well by now, and always adjust the air-con settings to a temperature that makes me feel comfortable. And I don’t feel the least shy with her. She is a young beautician from the Philippines and treats me as if I was a Queen.

Although I always shower just before my appointment, she always take time to carefully clean the parts she will wax. It is  a delightful feeling to have her cleansing me between my legs. She does it so gently and softly, it makes me shiver each time. And I can tell you the moist I feel between my thighs doesn’t exclusively come from the sponge she uses! She never has a misplaced gesture though, which makes it even more titillating!

She then starts applying the hot wax on me, strip by strip. Each of her movement is so precise, so graceful! She makes sure the wax cools down a little bit before applying it, starting from the top of my pubis, and gradually moving down towards my labia. I let out a little cry each time she swiftly peels the strip off. It is painful, but more like a sweet pain. She immediately places the palm of her hand on the part she waxed, to ease the pain. When she is doing the area just around my labia, she inevitably covers part of my pussy as well, if not all, which is probably the moment I prefer the most in the whole process! Alternating this sweet pain with the soft touch of her soothing hand makes me shiver with delight! And it shows. My nipples get so erected then. And each time after removing her hand (sometimes with a suction sound as I get more and more wet), she gently wipes it on the towel.

When she is done with the front, she kindly helps me turn around to do my back side. She makes me kneel first, legs slightly spread apart,  then bend until my head and breasts rest on the massage table, thus offering my spread butt to her sight. From all the salons I have been to, this is the only one where they make me take this position. She explained to me that it not only spreads the butt cheeks, making it easier to apply the wax, but also stretches the skin, which facilitates the hair removal process. Being in that position just feels so submissive, which I am not used to. And when I am excited I do squirt a lot.

So again she cleanses me along my tiny back door. At this stage I can feel my cum dripping along my thighs, and she regularly wipes it with a wet wipe, without the least sign of embarrassment. The area around the hole is the most sensitive. Here it hurts more, but feeling her hand between my spread cheeks inevitably makes me squirt. A lot. I do have this gift (and sometimes a problem) to ejaculate when I climax. And when she waxes my ass, I cry and squirt each time she peels off the wax strip. She places a towel folded in 4 between my legs to avoid wetting the table. It takes around 6 to 7 stripes of wax to finish my anal area. 6 or 7 micro-climax. I am totally washed out when she is done. She usually helps me lay down on my back again, cover me with the big towel, and allow me to nap for 20 minutes or so. I stay there on my cloud for a while. When I recover my strength, I just get dressed again. When I pass through the reception area, where she waits for the next client, she always greet me very warmly as I discreetly tip her. She then brings me a hot cup of tea and I relax in the lounge for a while before heading back to my activities. And now is the time to make a move!


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  1. I’ve just read Day 27 0f your Confessions. Sorry to here that your Dad’s not been feeling well, and yes times are still tough for many business enterprises. A wealthy husband is a good idea, if I was young and wealthy I’d offer myself as a prospective partner. Mind you I’m sure you get proposals all the time. Reading your brazilian waxing experience was quite a turn on. The relationship between pain and pleasure is a fascinating one. I really enjoyed your diary entry, all that delicious cum smearing your lovely thighs. What a turn on. You’ve actually crept into my dreams Angelicka. I’m not complaining.

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