pool side sex story

Pool Side – An Erotic Story, by M.K. Elliott


pool side sex storyPool Side – An Erotic Story by M.K. Elliott

Adam’s strong arms cut through the clear blue of the water, his powerful thighs kicking a beat, driving him on.
His fingertips made contact with the edge of the pool and, in one swift movement, he flipped himself over and pushed off the side with his feet.

Adam was alone in the pool, though his trainer stood on the side timing his lengths and shouting instructions. He’d been there since five that morning. He was now two hours into his training schedule which consisted of five hours in the pool and two in the gym.

His Olympic dreams were strong and steadfast. He couldn’t imagine someone trying to achieve Olympic greatness without being one hundred percent focused on the job.

At least this particular pool was open air. The California sky and the warm sun climbing into the blue certainly made this part of his day more enjoyable.

Just as Adam finished his lap, the door of the women’s locker room swung open. He pulled off his goggles and shook water off his buzzed short hair.

A brunette with shoulder-length, bouncy hair walked out. Her bare brown legs were topped with a pair of tiny cotton shorts. A tight little waist nipped in above her rounded hips and a white cotton polo shirt barely covered her midriff, her breasts positively straining to burst from the top.

“Who’s that?” he asked Mike.

“New physiotherapist,” the older man replied.

“What happened to Tony?”

“Broke his leg falling off a ladder. He’ll be out for six weeks.”

“Is that supposed to be ironic?” Adam said, an eyebrow cocked. “The physio broke his leg?”

Mike snorted but didn’t answer. Instead, he raised a hand in greeting to the new arrival.

The young woman gave a smile, squinting in the bright sunlight, and headed over to them.

The muscles of Adam’s back and shoulders bunched together as he folded his arms beneath his chin, supporting himself on the side of the pool. He caught the new arrival eying his body—but perhaps she was simply assessing him for professional reasons.

“Adam Chaste,” said Mike, “this is Leah Devlin.”

She squatted down and held out her hand. Now it was his turn to squint up at her, the bright sun directly behind her body, but he wrapped his large, wet hand around her slim fingers.

“Good to meet you,” he said. “I hear you’re going to be taking care of me for the next six weeks.”

“I sure hope so,” she said with a smile.

Leah stood and he took in her strong, slender thighs. Leah Devlin did some working out of her own.

“Right, no time for chatting,” said Mike. “We’ve got work to do.”

He gave Adam a sharp nod toward the pool, a motion that meant, ‘get back out there!’


Adam continued to push himself, even more so now that he knew the new physio’s eyes were taking in his every move. He was a strong swimmer, to say the least, but he suddenly became more aware of his physique, of how every muscle in his body contracted and relaxed as he pushed himself through the water.

Finally the session was over and Adam pulled himself out of the pool, water trickling down his hard, tanned chest. Leah handed him a sports drink, her eyes trained on his defined abs.

“Thanks,” he said and cracked open the lid, downing the vitamin-rich liquid.

“Right,” said Mike. “I’ll leave you youngsters to it. I’ve got somewhere to be.” He gave Adam another nod. “Same time tomorrow?” His trainer phrased it as a question but they both knew he’d be there.


Leah grinned at him.

“My turn,” she said, her head tilted on one side, her hair brushing her shoulders. “I’ve been looking forward to getting my hands on you.”

Adam’s heart picked up a notch. Was she flirting with him?

“Great,” he said, trying not to blush. “We’ve got the pool for another forty-five minutes until it opens to the public.”

“That’s plenty of time. Now I want you on your back.”

“Wow,” he said, trying to hide his nerves with a little flirting of his own. “And you’ve not even bought me dinner.”

Leah laughed and her tits jiggled beneath her shirt.

Holy shit, this girl was sexy.

She rolled out a blue exercise mat.

“On your back,” she instructed.

The skintight, extremely short shorts he swam in left little to the imagination as he got to the ground and reclined on the spongy material. If she touched him in just the right—or wrong!—way, she’d notice the effect she was having on him in an instant.

Adam filled his mind with non-erotic thoughts—his mother; emptying the trash; cutting his toenails—anything to get his mind off the extremely attractive woman now on her knees at his feet.

The sun blazed down, drying his skin and hair. Leah ran him through a number of stretches, her soft hands holding his foot and pushing back firmly, increasing his stretch for him.

“I noticed you’re favoring your right side,” she said. “Are you getting pain on the left?”

“You’re perceptive. But it’s not pain, just a little stiffness.”

“Come here then,” she said, motioning for him to sit up.

Adam did as he was told and Leah scooted up behind him. Her talented hands kneaded the muscles of his back, up to his neck. From behind, she took the sides of his face between her palms and gave his head a swift wrench to one side. Something in his neck cracked, the sound scarily loud in the otherwise quiet pool, but instantly the tight side of his body relaxed.

Adam rolled his shoulders a couple of times. “That’s amazing.”

“I’m not done with you yet,” she said, pressing him back down to lie on his stomach.

Her hands trailed back down his shoulders, her warm skin and firm, insistent fingers massaging their way down his back. Her thumbs worked his lats—the muscles on either side of his spine. She worked lower, her hands skimming the curve of his buttocks, before she dropped right down, massaging his glutes.

Adam suppressed a groan. He was glad to be on his front right now, with her hands so close to his ass. The whole of his anus, perineum and balls tingled and tightened as her hands sent nerves firing in that direction. She worked the back of one of his thighs with both hands, her thumbs creeping higher until she finally brushed his balls. Adam’s whole body stiffened, the contact sending blood rushing to his cock.

“Oh, sorry!” she exclaimed.

“No, it’s fine, really.”

“I’m so embarrassed,” she said.

He turned his head over his shoulder to get a look at her. “Don’t be.”

“Maybe we should leave it for today,” she said, moving to get to her feet.

Forgetting himself, Adam twisted himself around to catch her arm, preventing her from rising.

Her eyes widened as his barely restrained erection poked from the top of his shorts.

“Oh!” she gasped.

It was his turn to be embarrassed, heat flushing his cheeks. He was about to flip himself back over and die of shame, when Leah dropped back to her knees. Her expression changed; her lips suddenly slack and full, her eyes hooded and heavy.

“You really enjoyed the massage, huh?” she asked, her voice little more than a whisper.

Her eyes still trained on his erection.

Adam nodded, too scared to move in case he somehow broke whatever magic was happening in that instant.

The smooth, mushroom head of his dick poked from the waistline of his swim shorts. Leah placed her hands on each thigh, rising over the top of him, her breath heating his sensitive skin. With a little dart of her tongue, she licked the clear bead of pre-cum from the slit of his cock.

Adam gasped.

She reached up and pulled down the top of his shorts, allowing his huge erection to spring free. He propped himself up on his elbows, wanting to watch this sudden turn of events.

The heated, wetness of her mouth enclosed his cock and he inhaled as pleasure made his head swim. His fingers laced in her hair and he had to resist pushing her head down, impaling her on his full length. But Leah didn’t need much encouragement; she pushed down deep so his head brushed the smooth, soft skin at the back of her throat.

Now Adam groaned as she bobbed back and forth, her lips creating a tight seal around his girth, creating friction as she moved on his dick. The pleasure was exquisite but he didn’t want to come in her mouth. He wanted more of her.

“My turn,” he said, gently pressing back on her shoulder.

Leah lifted her head, his cock slipping from between her lips. Adam pulled her down to the mat and then got to his knees, scooting down. He tugged off her tennis shoes and popped the button of her shorts. Peeling them down her thighs, he exposed her simple cotton panties. She was stretched out before him, her breasts heaving beneath her shirt. Adam wanted to get his tongue inside her, but he couldn’t miss feasting on those gorgeous tits.

Moving back up her body, he pushed the material of her shirt up, exposing her flat, tanned stomach. He dropped a kiss on the smooth skin of her belly, before nuzzling his way up.

Leah helped him out by sitting up slightly and pulling her shirt over her head, dropping the garment on the ground beside her.

“I’m guessing you want this one off as well,” she said, slipping her bra-straps from her shoulders.


He groaned at the sight—luscious creamy globes, big, dark nipples at the center of each. Leah lay back down again and Adam dipped his head, taking her right nipple, already hard and elongated, into his mouth. Her nipple was big enough to really feel like a mouth full and he sucked it up to the roof of his mouth, his tongue swirling the crinkled areola.

His cock was so hard, he thought he might come over her there and then. Her hand reached for him, circling his erection in her hot little palm and gently pumping him as he suckled, first on one nipple, before moving to the next.

But he wanted to taste her sweet nectar, bury his face in her snatch before driving his cock into her center and fucking her hard.

Reluctantly, he lifted his mouth from her breast. Her hand fell away from his cock as he kissed his way down, over the soft dip of her belly, down to where a small strip of hair led down to her clit. Adam pressed her thighs apart and climbed between them.

Using two fingers, he splayed the lips of her pussy, causing the engorged nubbin to pop forward, pink and wet. He hardened his tongue to a point and gave her clit a flick. Leah inhaled sharply, her body rigid beneath him. She lifted her hips to him, inviting him to continue.

Adam didn’t need any more encouragement. Flattening his tongue to a paddle, he dipped down, dragging his tongue up her slit, from her base back up to her clit. The heady aroma of her arousal filled his nostrils, the musky tang of her lubrication coating his taste buds.

Leah moaned, her fingers brushing the back of his head as she squirmed beneath his attention. Wanting to bring her on even further, Adam slipped a finger into her tight channel, his saliva and her natural lube making the passage easy. Her inner muscles clamped down around his digit and he slicked it back and forth before adding a second. He focused his oral attention back to her clit, alternating fast flicks with sucks.

“Oh God,” Leah cried out, her internal muscles pulsing and rippling around his fingers. Moisture drenched his hand as she came hard against him.

“Oh God,” she said again, but this time with a different tone. Her breasts heaved beautifully as she caught her breath. She looked down at him, grinning up from between her thighs. “I hope you’re going to fuck me now.”

“You don’t have to ask me twice.”

He rose above her and she wrapped her arms around the back of his neck, pulling his head down to hers. Her kiss was hard and deep, and the idea that she tasted her own juices on his lips turned him on even more.

His cock was as hard as iron as he positioned against her soft folds and drove deep into her wet, swollen flesh. Her slim thighs caught his hips, her legs twining around him, her heels pressing into the flexing muscles of his ass.

As his thrusting grew harder, his balls tightened, slapping against her ass. The heat and tingling tightened deep at his core. He buried his face in her neck as his orgasm mounted over him, his cock swelling to the point of explosion.

“Oh shit, I’m coming again,” she moaned, her pussy tightening and contracting around the hard length of his cock, milking him.

He fired within her, held himself deep as he jerked inside her, shooting streams of cum.

Exhausted, Adam collapsed beside her. Her cheeks and chest were flushed, her curls mussed. Their chests heaved in exertion.

Finally able to speak again, Adam rolled to his side and grinned. “As amazing as that massage was, I’m not sure it was the most professional thing to be doing on your first day.”

She cocked an eyebrow. “So are you going to get me fired?”

“Are you kidding? And anyway, I was hardly professional myself. I’m already dreading your six weeks being up.”

The door to the men’s bathroom opened and the pool manager walked out. He saw them, still half naked, lying on the floor and his eyes widened.

“Oh, sorry, Mr. Chaste. I thought you were already done.”

“We are now, thanks,” he said, giving Leah another grin.

She smiled back, clutching her clothes to her body.

“Well… I’ll just give you a minute,” he said, backing out of the pool.

“No problem,” called Adam to his retreating figure.

Once they were alone again, Leah set about tugging her clothes back on. She ran her fingers through her hair and said, “Same time tomorrow?”

Adam grinned back. “You bet.”


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