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The Lesbian Kisses Of Ivy And Rose


lesbian loversWhen your ex-girlfriend-turned-lesbian kisses your new girlfriend…

[dropcap2]T[/dropcap2]wo waitressing gigs, an exercise training with the volleyball team, a tutor session with three of the most flirty and flinty undergrads she’d ever known, and Ivy was ready to burst out screaming and ranting like she was mad. Now she had to pimp beer to undeserving, over-pampered footballers at the bar. She looked over at you and lifted her eyebrows high, totally not thrilled about how her day was going.

You tried to hide your smile. Ivy was the best at everything; a girl in her own fucking league.

Just 5’2”, she was decked out in a flippy skirt and lavender halter top. You looked at her long legs, almost too long for a girl so damned petite, while she served a couple of light brews to students at the campus sports bar.  One of the guys she handed a beer copped a feel, patting her ass. You watched, your mouth breaking into a crooked smile.

“That’s a nice ass you got there, philly,” the guy with his beer told Ivy.

Ivy quit what she doing and held her serving tray to her side.

She rolled her eyes while the cocky sophomore grabbed a firm hold of her right butt cheek and squeezed.

“It’s a nice tush. Round, and soft, and, firm,” the guy said to Ivy.

Ivy looked over her shoulder at you with a blank expression. She squinted at you when you let out a small chuckle. She turned back to college dudes at their table and served another one of them a sparkling water.

“Ooh, this is a sweet ass,” the guy laughed. “This girl’s butt is like butter. You guys should try some.”

“Really,” Ivy told the over muscled guy. “You could try some of this ass too…” Ivy used a free hand to pat the sophomore’s hand over her ass. The guys at the table cheered excited. “That’s if you had the balls to handle it…”

Ivy pulled the guy’s hand off her butt, reached for the last bottle of sparkling water and shook it really hard. She set the serving tray on the edge of the guys’ table and shook the water vigorously, making her legs tighten and her boobs bounce around crazy.

“…And you understood mixing your metaphors is not a turn on for anybody at this college with a GPA above 2.0,” Ivy told him.

Ivy unscrewed the top to the bottled water and released a blast of unflavored fizz. The bubbled water sprayed all over the college jock and his buds.

“You fuckin’ ho,” the sophomore jock told Ivy.

The jock’s friend burst out laughing the instant the jock’s face turned red.

“You’re lucky I didn’t do it with the beer. Karma’s a bitch,” Ivy told the guys.

Ivy picked up the serving tray, walked over to the cash register, took a crisp five dollar bill and handed it to the manager at the sports bar.

“I owe you five dollars for the beer,” she said to her boss. “Take it out of my pay today now, please.

“Are you shitting me? the sports bar manager told Ivy. “Watching you serve up a bottle of ‘Whoop’ to those sports meatheads was the best game I’ve seen all week. I ain’t taking anything out of you pay,” the manager told Ivy. “I’m giving you twenty dollars extra for your trouble. You got class, little lady.”

“Yes, class is exactly what I’ve got. Thanks,” Ivy told her boss, looking at the twenty dollar bill perk. “

She untied her apron, folded it and put it away then she came up to you and grabbed you by the hand.

“What the fuck did I do?” you asked her.

“Come on, Romeo, I’ve had enough guys ogling me today,” she said to you.

The college jocks Ivy just served booed as she led you out of the bar.

Twenty minutes later, you, Ivy, and her best friend Rose sat in a courtyard in an off-path cul-de-sac at the campus’ botanical gardens.

“You did what?” Rose asked Ivy, shocked past belief.

“Actually, she gave him a lap dance,” you told Rose.

You what?” Rose screamed at Ivy.

“The fuck I did,” Ivy laughed, looking at you.

Ivy punched you in the arm and when you didn’t flinch, she pounced on you. The two of you rolled around on the shaded court, laughing uproariously. Rose watched absently and removed her flats. She took off her fitted sweater and rested her long raven hair against the cool grassy ground. You and Ivy stopped wrestling like kids and watched her silently.

“Rose,” how come you never want to play around with us,” you asked her.

You know why,” Ivy answered for Rose.

“You know that’s fucked up,” Rose said with a tone of distaste.”

Rose lolled her head to the side and looked at Ivy and you with her usual nonplussed expression.

The three of you burst out laughing so loud a couple of squirrels fell out of the trees in the tiny grove where you were and scurried out into the main campus courtyards.  You all laughed boisterously, Rose in tears from laughing hysterically.


The air and everything around the three of you quieted.

“You know what day it is,” you told Rose.

“I know,” Rose said back to you.

You could tell this was a day she wished would turn into another quickly. However it seemed to hover around late afternoon forever. It was unseasonably hot the entire month, and you and Ivy along with Rose had shed most of your clothes. The three of you pinched at the grass with your bare toes, wearing not much more than your sports underwear. Rose sighed then she looked over at Ivy.

“Thank you for today,” Rose said to Ivy.

Ivy smiled at Rose.

Today was the anniversary of Rose’s coming out. She’d had a real hard time at school coming up and now she just wanted some time to think about what she wanted to do next with her life. Rose had met Ivy when they applied for a waitressing position at the bar and they both wound up getting the job. Today Rose just wasn’t up for the teases and cajoles from the campus riff-raff.  This particular day she wanted… she wanted…

“It’s okay. I can leave you two alone so you can, you know, talk. Or whatever,” you told Rose.

Stay put right here or I’ll kick your ass to heaven,” Rose said to you.

Ivy busted out laughing.

“Shit, you girls are really on the ‘dudes are bastards’ campaign today, aren’t you? you said to them.

Rose and Ivy laughed harder. “No, it’s just that, today is kind of special to me, you know?” Rose spoke quietly. She sat up and looked at the grass beneath her painted toes. She hung her head over her knees and hugged herself.”

“I know,” you told Rose. You scooted over to her and wrapped you arms around Rose. She pressed herself into you and you felt her thin body warm up against you.

Ivy watched you lift Rose’s chin so she could see you.

“I promised you when we broke up Rose we would always be friends,” you told her.

“Yes,” Rose agreed.

She turned into your arms and you felt her tits fold up against you and her nipples harden.

I just didn’t think it was fair me leading you on when I knew I am a lesbian” Rose whispered to you. “And I just couldn’t handle being at work today, thinking about what we had… It was so wonderful and special,” Rose told you.

It was, you thought silently. It still was.

Rose and you met at campus orientation what seems eons ago now.  You both always had a special connection, but there always seemed to be something between you, holding the two of you apart… One night you’d come back from campus holiday to surprise Rose with a homecoming she’d never forget but it was you who got the surprise…

Rose had fallen asleep before you had got back in town to see her apparently, and when you’d stopped by to spend some special time with her you’d found her sleeping – with another girl.

You’d tried to put things back together afterwards, but things just wouldn’t seem to jell. Then you met Ivy. The exact opposite of your beautiful and moody “Rosey,” Ivy was all spunk and unpredictability. Her blonde locks always seemed to be getting her into trouble and massive male-female soirées. You had been her latest conquest. She Ivy told you she liked your mousy college looks, thin frame and bookish high-school charm.

“I like your big breasts,” you’d told Ivy back at the time.

You’d thought what you’d told her had earned you a one-way ticket to the geek train, but Ivy was just full of surprises. “Mm, that makes my pussy get all juicy and wet,” she had told you and the two of you had been an item ever since.

So when Ivy asked you to stop by the campus bar today, you didn’t have to think about the offer twice.

“I wish there was some way I could make everything up to you, Maxim,” Rose told you.

“You already have,” you told Rose.

“That’s for sure,” Ivy chimed in to you and Rose.

Rose and you looked at Ivy and smiled together sheepishly, while Ivy crawled across the small stretch of grass between you to sit closer.

“Ivy, I-“ Rose began to speak but her words stopped in her throat. “Thank you for covering for me today,” Rose finally managed to tell her best friend.

“That’s what friends do. They love each other.” Ivy teased touching Rose’s bare skin, letting her fingertips play across her Rose’s thighs.

“That tickles,” Rose giggled.

“So will this,” Ivy said to Rose and she ran her other hand to Rose’s chest. She dusted the pad of her fingertips over the bareness of Rose’s next and shoulder.

“But you said we would never… we would never be together this way,” Rose told Ivy.

You and Ivy both looked at Rose and whispered, “Happy Valentine’s Day.”

You felt Rose shudder at the warm wishes. Then she looked at you. “But are you sure? You two are together. You’re dating,” Rose said to you.

“Today is about you,” you told Rose.

“And me,” Ivy agreed devilishly.

You looked at Ivy with surprised and a matching raised eyebrow.

Ivy turned from you to Rose and gave Rose the most fiendishly wicked grin. “Today it’s girls day, isn’t it, Rose?” Ivy asked her lesbian friend.

You watched Rose blink surprised. She’d had a few relationships since coming to the college, but never with anyone she’d felt close to, not ever, until the two of you met. Then she met Ivy and the two of them hit it off instantly. Rose never responded to any of Ivy’s tickles of feathery touches since you’d all become friends. You’d guessed this was because Rose wanted to be respectful of yours and Ivy’s relationship.

She didn’t count on you being open to girl on girl love with her, Rose, as the star.

Like Ivy, you were a guy full of surprises all your own.

You broke yours and Rose’s embrace and Ivy filled in the emptied spot. You leaned back onto the soft grass and stretched out, horny. You watched Rose, pleased as Ivy grabbed hold of Rose and planted very lesbian kisses right over Rose’s flushed, pink lips.

“Oh, god,” Rose breathed under the shivery sensations she felt from Ivy’s lesbian kisses.

When the two of them broke the lesbian kisses, Rose stared you in the eyes; the heat in her expression told you everything she felt. Rose had realized… you’d given her to Ivy.

You smiled and began to stoke your dick inside your shorts as Ivy turned Rose’s face back to her.

Ivy gave her more lesbian kisses. Rose trembled as Ivy planted warm, gentle lesbian kisses across her shoulder and down her bare arms. She kissed her way back to Rose’s flushed pink lips and did the unthinkable. Rose felt her labia tingle when Ivy did it – Ivy thrust her tongue deep into recesses of Rose’s mouth. You heard her murmur how Ivy made her lesbian pussy feel when Rose pushed against Ivy and offered her tongue back to her. Ivy grabbed Rose and suckled on her lips, biting them gingerly pausing to lick her way over Rose’s exploring tongue.

“Mmm,” you groaned.

Ivy and Rose were ignoring you and a lesser man would mind being the third in a nest of two, you reveled in the moment. Your two best girlfriends were kissing, and the more you moaned with approval, the more necking they began to make. Ivy reached for you and grabbed a handful of your throbbing cock. Your flesh flexed under the confines of your fitted sports trunks. Ivy released her grip on you and used her hand to cup Rose’s sportswear-clad mound. She rubbed against Rose’s for a moment, brushing past her clitoris by accident.

“Ohhhh,” Rose moaned while she shuddered in Ivy’s arms, caught in the rapture from one her wildest fantasies becoming real – Ivy, giving her a hot Valentine’s Day fuck – without stretching apart her too tight pussy.

That was the one thing Rose wished she could have given you more of… sex: hot, wild, unrestricted rabbit-fucking.

“Ohh, god!” Rose squealed, feeling the rush of heat deep inside herself.

Ivy moved her hand to Rose’s lips. Rose smelled herself on Ivy’s fingers. Her scent was clean and a little sweet. Rose licked Ivy’s fingertips and ran her own fingers through Ivy’s long, blonde tresses.

Ivy purred feeling Rose playing with her hair. Her hair was thick and sensitive to anyone’s touch.

The jock at the sports bar was lucky he hadn’t touched her any place that felt good; she’d knock his brains out of his smart-free head.  “You’re making my breasts feel really horny,” Ivy said to Rose.

Rose continued playing her fingers into Ivy’s golden locks. She let her fingers rest at the nape of Ivy’s neck. She massaged the tender area gently and Ivy let out a high-pitch squeal of glee

“I like that,” Ivy told Rose, “Do that some more.”

Ivy encouraged Rose to try things she’d never felt before. Ivy asked Rose to taste her hair. Rose couldn’t believe how much she liked the flavor of skin and sunshine. You watched as Rose listened to Ivy’s guidance, pressing her breasts against hers and rubbing their chests together slowly. Your dick swelled up to huge when they started grinding themselves against another.

“Fuck, girls, this is getting me too hot,” you said to them.

“Quiet,” Ivy said.

The three of you listened for any sounds outside of the garden cul-de-sac.

“What?” Rose asked Ivy.

“I thought I heard something,” Ivy told her.

“Nah, you’re just imagining things,” you told Ivy.

“Yeah, maybe,” Ivy said aloud.

Ivy pulled Rose on top of her and they began a feverish lesbian kiss.

You watched as Rose ran her fingers over Ivy and tossed her medium long brown hair over Ivy’s face and arms. Ivy giggled excitedly as Rose shook her sexy hair all over her. Then she settled down onto Ivy for a long, luxurious girly kiss.

You cock was poking out from under the waistband of your underwear now. The cockhead was reaching past your navel. It was all you could do not to go ahead and let yourself come. The fucking frottage the girls were giving each other was damned hot you felt your toes curl from the sexual tension. The air in the grove had changed into an exotic scent of vaginal perfume, heat, and unfettered lust. You felt your dick throb every time you inhale a breath of the sex-perfumed enclave.

“Mm, I think I’m about to come,” Ivy said aloud.

“Is it possible to come just from excitement,” Rose asked no one in particular, because I think I am about to – Oh, God!”

Just then, the two girls screamed, a holler of combined female pleasure only two women could only really feel from rubbing their breasts and their wet, horny lesbian pussies together.

“Oh, fuck—,“ you bellowed and the three of you collapsed onto the grassy ground, heaving.

Minutes later the three of you came out from the secluded enclosed mini courtyard to stand before an audience of football jocks.

Ivy was the first to emerge from the cul-de-sac, tossing her hair from side to side, reminiscent of a print model being photographed for a magazine spread. She was fully clothed, but the passion of lovemaking was spread across her almost palpably. You followed Rose out into the clearing.

“What the fuck?” the jock from the sports bar said loudly.

Hermes, the football college sophomore from the bar stared at Ivy, then Rose, stupefied.

Ivy, the girl he’d just put the moves on, had maybe just got it on with another bar waitress…

Hermes was going to have a field day spreading the news all over fraternity row after tonight’s game probably and then you realized he’d seen you come out of the cul-de-sac after Ivy and Rose. Your cock was harder than a bull in a rut. Maybe as thick too, you mused silently.

“What the fuck—you, you fucked both of them?” Hermes asked you, imploring the answer you gave him wasn’t the truth.

Ivy approached Hermes and stuck her tiny body up into his Herculean frame.

“His horse dick fucked us like a stud breeds a mare in heat,” Ivy told Hermes.

You snorted with a little laugh.

You realized Hermes started to walk over to you, probably to make light of your manhood and Rose stepped in front of him.

“And he felt so good,” Rose told Hermes.

Hermes stared, his expression blank. “But, but… you’re a lesbian!” was all he could say to Rose.

“Yeah, payback’s a bitch,” Rose answered and smiled walking past Hermes.

You watched Ivy as she grabbed your cock in your jeans and led you past the football jock.

“Happy Valentine’s Day,” Rose said to Hermes over her shoulder.

The three of you walked off, leaving Hermes standing in the wake. Ivy stopped.

“What?” Rose asked her.

“Did you hear something?” Ivy asked you and Rose.

The three of you left the cul-de-sac grounds when you heard a muffled voice in the distance.

Hermes stood at the shaded cul-de-sac. He could smell the air that wafted from the grassy enclosure.

“Fuck, goddammit to hell!” you thought you heard someone say.



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