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My Pouty Lips Has A Face Lift!

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New look and higher speed for your favorite sexy stories website!

Hi Guys and Girls!

I usually don’t write much to give you some news, but when it is kind of major, I think that I owe you a bit of information to let you know what’s going on!

So in case you didn’t notice, My Pouty Lips has been going through a lot of changes lately. Because we are getting more and more quality guest authors, I felt that I should upgrade the whole site and make it look a bit more… sexy.

I have spent the last few weeks shopping for a better outfit for your favorite website, and found a theme that was appealing and more or less presenting the different sections of the site the way I wanted it. Girl what did I do there! My admin cursed me for a whole week as he spent 5 whole days and nights trying to make the theme work! The theme creator (Swish Themes – via Theme Forest) didn’t answer our initial questions, then after installing it, there was a lot of glitches my admin had to fix. The theme was not fully optimized, and to date, we are still working on making the best user experience with this theme. I do apologize here if you are facing any problem with the navigation, but hopefully everything will be fixed soon. And if you were planning to buy a theme from these people, make sure you have a great admin who is ready to spend sleepless nights to make things work. At least, on the positive side, I am pretty happy with the end result and I hope you find it much easier to navigate on the site now.

Another very good thing that happened during transition came actually from a problem of compatibility between the new theme and a caching system that was used for the site. After a full day of intense research, my admin finally found a gold mine. I am not much of a technical person myself, but there are quite a few geeks in my network. So when I told them the speed of my site increased 10 times (yes I mean TEN times, this is not a typo), their jaw dropped. I did receive notes in the past about the slow access to my site, so definitely speed has always be a concern for me, to provide a better user experience. Guys I am not going to be selfish and keep this for myself. So here is the best website accelerator you will probably get on the internet: (the company is called WEBO). Please note that this is not an affiliate link and that I don’t get any money for mentioning their service. They have a free basic setup and a paid setup. The free setup is fast already. The paid setup takes more time to configure, but it will take your site on cloud nine! They have plugins for all type of configuration. Test the free version to see how it goes. I was skeptical at first but then when i saw the results, it was like WOW!

So I hope you guys enjoy the new layout and the much faster speed on the website now. We have been working very hard to try to make the experience even more enjoyable for you. If you have any suggestions, remarks or requests, please feel free to drop us a not in the comments below. I will make sure to answer each of them personally.


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