librarian secret sinful pleasure

The Librarian’s Secret: Sinful Pleasures


librarian secret sinful pleasureThe sinful pleasures of a horny librarian who takes advantage of the situation

[dropcap2]T[/dropcap2]he sun glared against the window, its crystal warmth heating the coat of metal beneath the 14c Saxon armor cast.  You knelt beside it plucking curls of bright white PC printouts, shuffling the rogue wisps haphazardly into neat disheveled haystacks.  The scent of lilac and rose sifted through the pale heat of the sun’s rays and wafted near enough for you to notice.  Just centimeters ahead of you she was. Irascibly deft at arrangement, the small beauty almost urchin-like, easily retrieved the office papers left from your brief.  You barely noticed, but your primal fire had spread from nervous excitement into a slow thrumming burn. The librarian looked up from her array of neatly arranged reams.  She offered you hint of a begrudged smile, or was it a small grin?  Her miraculously perfect tits pressed provocatively through the soft fabric of her low cut bra, presenting her firm mounds to you below eye level. She was too pretty for base description and too distracted for you to hold her attention right in the center of the library for everyone to see.  You offered your best smile with flash of perfect dentist artistry. The maven of the library front desk was just stretches away.

The little girl of a woman started. She returned gaze to the piles of papers in queue and set to task.  You reached a hand to guide the remnants of scattered pages to order and your hands sparked from the unexpected touch.  The pert librarian reconstituted her demeanor almost impertinent, and you found your core tightening, your male strength coiled into a knot of hardening pleasure, your cock swelling to an engorged cottoned broad sword. The raven haired beauty stood before you.  You followed albeit a measure less comfortably.  The insanely gorgeous model-cum-brainy book maiden nudged her eyeglasses a smidge. She stood, quiet. Why did you feel you were being chastised like a little schoolboy?

You opened your mouth to reply, realizing she hadn’t said a thing to you.

The perfect little maiden looked you squarely in the eye. Your dick thickened at the sight of her:  impossibly long legs for someone so slight, yet she was all girl.  Developed, some might even call her, buxom; which seemed impossibility from your gaze over her lithe body, trim ankles and delicate hands.  She was hypnotic to the will, almost brazen in prescience standing there in the middle of the marbled foreground. You straightened casually; your hard dick ready and accounted, presenting itself unceremoniously for any passersby to see.

“Will you come with me please?”

You had seen her here at the central library for the last six weeks. The research tomes you requested were reserved in the lower level stacks underneath.


Inquiry revealed she had transferred from the digital information branch back East.

None of your queries uncovered a sordid trifle or queue of her past lovers.

You were led to the deeper recesses of the library when the librarian came to an abrupt halt.


The young maiden spun, arms folded, focus laser-red… and all feminine.

“Why have you been asking about me?”

Caught by the short-hairs; what could you say?

You didn’t.

You let your cock do the talking.

The librarian’s nostrils flared when discovery of your swollen sword became evident in the illumination of the secluded room.

She turned to leave then she stopped.

“How long have you been watching me?”

“Pardon?” you asked.

The willow of a détente didn’t move an inch.

“Coy now?“  The little nymph turned and closed in on you.

You could see specs of heat aflame in her eyes. She dropped her arms and let her eyes look at the cleft of her breast.  She looked back to you.

You did your level best to suppress the feeling of voyeuristic rush; her cleavage was ample, ample and fully lush.

“You think you can just have what you want –believe any woman will fall under your trance simply from a smile?”

The librarian had pressed a palm against your shirted pecs. You’d been edged backwards against a cold, old world cedar wood desk.  Silently you wondered how many others had been led to their untoward finish here.

“Really..?  You flatter yourself,” she bemused, advertently displeased by her own admitted derision.  “Mr.—“

“It’s Jack,” you said.

“And you know my name obviously..,” the very feminine maiden quipped.

“Yes. It’s Brandiwyn. Brandiwyn, milady.”

Maybe it was the way he looked at her. Perhaps it was the slow drawl of his cadence that kept her rapt, she mused. Maybe it was just the heat from the blisteringly hot summer day. Whichever the cause, she felt the man infused with hedonism powerful, because he showed restraint. That made him more than a danger to her, possibly even chivalrous.  Still she had had her litany of paper soldiers. What was so different with this man..?

You wanted her. You wanted nil questions on the point. But you’d managed to get her on the defense. Hell why not?  You’d been greeting her with a flash of grin two months solid. You reached down to readjust your still lengthening boner.

Brandiwyn’s words arced into a catch of breath. She looked down at your impressive girth; you hadn’t pried the flesh-full monster from your khakis, and this beautiful maiden seemed to be conflicted about your state of chagrin. You tried not to think about the two weeks passed since you’d fucked out a cum-load.  Ah, to hell with it.

You stepped toward her.

The slight reverb of a liquid splashed.

You looked at the stone ground. Brandiwyn stared too in mutual awareness and audibly with an embarrassed gasp.

“Oh no, I never thought not wearing any panties would lead to anything happening like this,” Brandiwyn panicked silently.  “It’s been so long since I’ve had any real guy so close, let alone be in such close proximity. Oh, goodness, I’m completely horny!

The librarian bolted for the entrance, in oblivious abandon, not realizing she still had her hand on your chest.  Her slim fingers tangled with your necktie.  You tried to still her, but it was a moment forgone.

She snapped back, you reeled in kind and the two of you fell onto the impressively large desk.  The lithe beauty tried to untwine herself from the situation, but without luck.

You fared considerably better.

Your hand wrapped over the cleft between Brandiwyn’s thigh and juncture… and your fingers brushed against to soft wisps of her pussy hairs…

“Gracious —“ This couldn’t be happening, the librarian thought.

Male strength had coiled inside; the moment of no return lost in the steady thrusts your middle and forefinger were harbingering inside the sexy maiden’s cunt.  The juices from her overripe vulva were spilling over your palm and wrist.  You used a free hand to grab at her tittie. The librarian tried to clench her thighs reproaching, yet she ground against your touch feverishly.

“I want cock,” she moaned.

You froze. “What???”

“I want your cock.  Give it to me!”

The maiden crawled atop the long desk and spread her blouse open.  She swatted your hands when you offered guidance.  Pressed against your nads, she deftly reached a delicate hand into your shorts and her eyes widened with surprise.  Her fingers found the prize she’d claimed and she let her palm smooth over the veins and crown.

“Mmm.  I love a thick, drippy fuckpole–“  She hankered to your crotch and swallowed your half- hard to the base.   She felt it bob and throb against the insides of her cheek.  “Mmm.”

She began to deep-throat your stiffening nine inches.

“Shit –” you groaned.

“What’s the matter, don’t you want, Jack?” Brandiwyn purred between suckles and wet, ball-busting licks.

You answered her. You pushed your long male tongue right up her ass. She squealed when you offered her your very male fingers up inside her quivering quim.

Her sweet nectar, flowed steady, like water mixed with the fairest honeysuckle.  You drank her.

“Oh, Jack.  Jack, please –”

Here she was… shelving her inhibitions someplace back to the recesses of her faltering courage. She bent over the aged cedar block desk, legs spread now, trying to reserve any resolve or restraint.  You knew one quick brush of your prick over her pussy lips and you’d squirt a wad viciously across her back and up into her honey-scented black locks.

You wanted her.

She looked over the flimsy blouse barely covering her delicate shoulders. What did she tell you her service was?  Yes, Jacqueland. Ms. Brandiwyn Jacqueland.  Assistant to the digital information services of the Library Arts and Sciences.  You thought of anything to slow down your body from coming quickly. Your penis was fucking pulsing in your fist, the single vein running beneath the shaft pulsating, pushing massive pillows of hot, sweet cream up into the glans of your throbbing monster prick.

She stilled all of a sudden. Her body shook with the urge of need. She wet her lips almost imperceptibly; had another man been in the library to notice, you’d make short work of him. No man will ever know her like you… because she’d seduced you instantly after your first shared glance.

You grabbed her breasts underneath and the little kitten arched lithely, as if by instinct. How many weeks had you wanted this..?


The pretty little thing pressed to her palms.

“I can’t, I –”

Whispering her begs of contrition back to her and into her sex-drugged mind, your unintentional mockery inflamed her.  She backed into you aching for more of your touch. Her thighs became slick from the tiny droplets of honey her unfolding labia so delicately bared, now spilling a slick-sticky flow. She pushed her firm calves against the steel of your leg and rode it up and down.

Somewhere you heard a growl reverberate through the breadth of the lower library.  The simpering whelps from a starved pup you imagined you’d heard, you’d recognize later were your own.

The other assistants in the library were at a conference until the end of the week.

Brandiwyn let it slip passively she’d be alone after she returned several searches to the main library’s IT section and intranet earlier when you’d arrived for research.

Brandiwyn’s long dark tresses belied her burgeoning wanderlust.  You watched her breasts heave and release tantalizingly, her nips, oh so ready to be pulled on, her tits caressed.  She hadn’t turned back and looked at you once.  It was as if she was wary, afraid she might lose some last semblance of decorum, or respectability.

Didn’t she know you respected her?  How could she be afraid?

“Fuck me—”

The petite nymph lifted to stand.  Her delicate fingertips reached under the fold of her skirt.  You knew she wouldn’t acquiesce.  So you stilled.  She turned around and pressed her lips to your naked chest.

She moaned… Brandiwyn turned back to desk.

She lifted her thigh…

…Droplets of female cum, issued like the first cascades from a waterfall.

You dropped trou and let your pole press to the tip of her cunt hairs.  Oh, so beautiful and dewy.

The librarian reached for you and gasped aloud this time.  You smiled.  Because she knew you knew she was satisfied you would fill her.  Complete her.  Annihilate and sate her rapacious, fuck-hungry need.

“Fuck you?”

The librarian peeked over her shoulder at the reprisal.

She offered little snick…

“If you’re man enough.”

You thrust your dick deep into the depths of her pussy.  The librarian arched her back, filled to overloading.  She reached between her thighs and sighed, awed…  She could feel the flesh of your meat that hadn’t yet entered her.


You thrust inside her cunt: hard, throbbing, savagely.


Brandiwyn had wanted this for so long.  So long had she craved raw sex.  Fucking.  No words, just some anonymous cock plowing her deeply, pushing into her pussy and plying it apart making her cum in mind-scalding ecstasy!


You weren’t going to last long.

You lifted a leg of your own across hers onto the desk.  The positioning forced the rest of your swollen penis completely into her twat.  She groaned when you humped her, jack-hammered her pussy, fucked her feverishly.

“Ooh, yes!” Brandiwyn felt the rush of pleasure from her clitoris entirely too soon.  She squirted arcs of clean pussy-jizz, her honey shooting up from her cunt lips and onto your cock, coating your bush, oiling your monster for even harder pounding.

You obliged.

“Oh, yes, Jack, fuck me!”

She couldn’t help it.  How could she?  The fucking this man was giving her felt so good.  Two years since she’d done any man like this, and now she could not release his cock!  How could this be!

She purred loudly realizing she could care less who heard now.

Crawling onto the desk, she pushed up to her thighs and spread them apart.  Jack’s huge cock-head slipped out of her and she raised her hips ever so slightly.  Jack’s eyes widened.

She watched as you stared, witnessing your cock bury its head deep into her ass.  You stared, slack-jawed, while your swollen dick entered her, sinking several inches to its thickest girth.

“I want you to listen to me.  Do exactly what I say, Jack.”

You nodded, hypnotized.

“Fuck me hard.  No matter how much I say to quit, you keep fucking.  I’m going to show you your deepest orgasm…”

You kept still.

Brandiwyn faced the cool stone walls of the room.

“Now.  Fuck me, Jack.  Fuck me hard.”

You pounded cock deep into pussy.

Her pussy folds, hung apart, began to gush.  Arc after arc of warm, sweet, librarian nectar shot onto your penis.  More of the liquid honey spread across your abdomen.  You bent over her and told her how much you loved her cum.  She shot more pussy nectar for you.

“Oh, baby.  Baby it’s so good,” you moaned.

“More. More,” she whispered breathless.

You dick pulsed.  She reached around and cupped your balls.  She massaged and squeezed the huge eggs tenderly.  You stiffened.  Your body ached with itch and pleasure.  Your dick swelled and your cock spurted semen.  Wad after steaming sticky wad of fresh, male cum-honey.  You thrust into the librarian harder, deeper, her cunt juices soaking the desk, dampening the cool floor.

You fucked harder.


Brandiwyn came furiously.

Her librarian cunt gushed and squirted, it leaked and bellowed, her cunt walls clenching and unclenching, dragging along your pole, siphoning every ounce of semen you had left.

You collapsed onto the desk spent, sated.

Moments later, you turned to face the cool stare of a woman recomposed.

“You realize there will be a serious reprimand for trying to seduce the willing,” she questioned.

“I’ve done no such thing.”

“You mean you’re not willing,” Brandiwyn asked.

“Milady you had me at ‘please’.”

“That’s refreshing. There will be a pop quiz later this weekend.”

Your brow raised.

“You weren’t the only one being… observed.”

You kept quiet.

“I’ve seen the library camera tapes.”


“Nothing too wicked.  Of course, the other librarians are very impressed with your, countenance,” the librarian giggled. “Even some of the males of our staff.”

“Not to worry,” she added. ”This is for digital research and information purposes only… for now.

She sank her pouty red lips over your cock and shaft.

You smiled, ready for her next betake of blackmail.


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