Guest Author: Sherrie Rubey

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Meet Sherrie!

Sherrie Rubey is a young housewife trying to balance her time between her domestic duties and living a lush literary existence.

A student of sexuality from a young age, she read all of her mother’s college textbooks on psychology, deviant behavior and human sexuality. Although she has never received any formal college education, her natural inclination toward language and human studies have lead to her writing erotica as well as journals and poetry. The majority of her writing is from her own experience although some are only fantasies.

Sherrie has a teacher Aide certification, is currently participating in a tattoo apprenticeship, and on the weekends works as an exotic dancer .

Her inspirations include Anais Nin, Stephen King, Henry Miller and Salt’n Pepa. Sherrie wishes to be a pioneer in the movement of women’s sexuality and day by day is accomplishing her goal.

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