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Token Attraction – Teenagers Incest Story, by Sherrie


token attraction incest storyIncest story of a teenager attracted to her brother and his girlfriend

[dropcap2]S[/dropcap2]hyanne turned eighteen the day she found her step brother Brando and his girlfriend in his bedroom. Her parents were gone on a cruise for their marriage anniversary which just so happened to fall within three days of her birth. Walking down the hall she heard a small grunt escape from the crack in Brando’s door and naturally her curiosity got the best of her. Her mother married his father five years ago, next door neighbors with whom she’d spent most of her life interacting with. She played with Brando; they built a tree fort together, walked home from school together.

But now here she was, on one knee gazing upon her brother from a one inch crack in the door. His girlfriend was on her back, moaning, her hands grasping his hair as she ground her hips slowly against his face. Brando held tightly onto her ass and spread her cheeks as he lifted her up to lick her asshole. Shyanne heard an ever so slight gasp come from her own mouth and dropped to both knees as pain began to rise in her right leg.

Shyanne liked his girlfriend Beth, she was older than Brando, by five years and she stood at 5’7”, about 150 pounds it looked like. She carried most of her weight in her hips and thighs and ass, a mature body, a body Shyanne was well on her way to developing. At times she envied the attention that her brother, who had once been such a good friend, now laid upon Beth instead of her but mostly she found herself slightly attracted to Beth. Her thighs were large and tan against Brando’s hands as he squeezed them tightly and lifted her up, turning onto his back and placing her back down onto his face.

She moaned so loud it startled Shyanne and she watched, transfixed, as Beth turned around, bent her body down and unzipped Brando’s pants, taking his dick into her mouth almost greedily. She had never seen anything like that before. Sure Shyanne had done things before, but never did she ever get on top of a boy like that, never had she been penetrated by more than five inches of some nerd in tenth grade. She touched herself and found she was sopping wet, the way she was after she masturbated at night. Her middle finger stroked her clit in long strides as she watched her brother’s dick disappear entirely into Beth’s mouth.

On her knees, legs spread she kept watching; holding herself up with her left hand against the door frame. Her eyes closed themselves, her legs shook. She moaned out loud and without her knowledge, Beth turned, saw an inch worth of Shyanne outside their door and took Brando’s nine inches out of her throat. She lifted her ass off of his face, mouthing shush to Brando as he began to ask what was wrong. She pointed toward the door and he saw why she had stopped, he saw his sister, his step sister with her eyes closed and her arm moving slowly.

Brando had been attracted to Shyanne since he turned thirteen. She was what he thought about when he first started jacking off, and she still was a character in his fantasies. He noticed that she was growing. Though she was a bit short and always had been a little plump, womanhood had begun to take hold of her body and it was settling nicely into her breasts and hips. He imagined fucking her ass when he saw her by their pool, where he first realized her body had changed. Now she was masturbating at his door.

Beth got up and quietly snuck to the door, Shyanne’s eyes opening as she began to feel her orgasm coming, startled by Beth’s presence now before her. She quickly got up, trying to explain

“Just picking something up off the ground, gonna go to the store now.”

Beth grabbed her hand and shushed her.

“Come here” she said, pulling Shyanne’s hand and closing the door behind her.

Beth put her lips on Shyanne’s, sending a shock of pleasure into both of them, Beth’s hand moving toward her ass, pulling her up slightly as her tongue worked deep into her mouth.

Shyanne couldn’t believe what was happening. To see Brando with his dark hair and eyes, walking toward them. He watched them closely until he spoke quietly but sternly.

“Get on the bed.”

The girls moved to the bed, Beth getting on top of Shyanne and laying her down as she kissed her mouth harder.

Shyanne began to moan into her mouth as Beth’s hips worked gently into her wet pussy, holding her hair with one hand and her wrist against the bed with the other.

Brando kneeled before Beth’s ass and took it in both hands, guiding it toward his mouth as he slid his finger inside of her. Working it in, quicker and quicker, Beth’s grip on Shyanne’s hair got tighter, and she began to push her wrist toward the bed instead of merely holding it. Beth moaned loud into Shyanne’s mouth, and then put her lips to her breasts as she backed her ass up hard onto Brando’s face and hand.

“You want my dick?” he asked, which he had been slowly stroking, feeling it get larger and harder in his hand as watched his girlfriend and his sister together.

” Yeah” Beth groaned, “please.”

He took his dick and rubbed the tip of it against her clit, teasing it as he felt her wet swollen pussy voraciously trying to get his cock inside of her. He worked it into her in small strokes, only to take it out and push it against her asshole, little bit in, but then back out.

“If you want my dick” he said “you better show me.”

She turned around and took his dick into her mouth, her wet pussy on Shyanne’s stomach.

“I want you to do her.”

Brando spoke in gasps as his hips moved against her face.

Beth had never eaten a pussy before. Sure she’d gotten wasted a few times and got her twat licked by a dyke or two she’d take home from the bar but never had she ever done anything to them. Now before her was her boyfriends sister, a cute little thing, in cut off shorts and a Led Zeppelin t-shirt and she was going to have to do to her what those dykes once did. A mix of excitement and nervousness stirred within her stomach, traveling all the way down to her sex where she could feel some more of her juices start to flow.

Shyanne had never been eaten out period, so as she lay there, her pants being slowly taken off by a somewhat nervous Beth, she imagined what it would be like. Something like silk dipped in hot water she assumed. Beth got on her knees, pulling Shyanne’s panties finally off of her left leg as Brando spoke to her.

“Just kiss it”

And Beth took her by the thighs, pushed them up so her knees were in the air and laid her hot mouth on her dripping wet snatch, French kissing her clit. Shyanne felt her eyes roll back into her head and she moaned in surprise and pleasure as Beth’s grip on her thighs tightened, pushing her legs farther apart as well as farther back.

Brando was watching his sister’s face as this was happening, watching her wriggling and trying to move. He took Beth by the wrists and moved her arms to her back where he held them, crossed, her face going deeper into Shyanne’s pussy. Shyanne’s hands went immediately to Beth’s hair and she gripped her brunette strands tightly, pulling her face into her pussy, wishing she could get the feeling all the way inside of her.

Brando saw this and; getting so aroused it was almost unbearable, began to bounce his hips harder against Beth’s ass, her moans being muffled by Shyanne’s pussy in her mouth, but getting louder each time he was fully inside of her.

“Now I want you to do her.”

He spoke to Shyanne, taking his cock out of the warmth of Beth’s pussy, it glistening with her juice, hard and red from the chafing of her tightness.

“Stay on your back” he said to Shyanne and she obeyed.

He whispered to Beth, telling her to sit on her face, away from him. So Beth took one leg, put it on the side of Shyanne’s head, then the other, squatting right above her and then sat down.

The taste of pussy filled Shyanne’s mouth as she lifted her arms up to wrap around Beth’s hips, pulling her into her face, kissing her cunt deeply and moaning as she did so. She felt Beth’s whole body twitch, putting her hands to Shyanne’s hair, holding it tightly as she began to get hot and sweat. Brando began to kiss Beth’s shoulder from behind and as he did this he lifted Shyanne’s legs up, just as Beth had held them and slowly pushed the tip of his penis into her.

He couldn’t believe how wet she was. Beth saw Shyanne’s eyes widen as she was penetrated, a hearty grunt being trapped by Beth’s pussy. Shyanne’s grip tightened on Beth’s thighs and Beth’s grip tightened on Shyanne’s hair, moving her hips quickly on her face. Brando finally lifted Shyanne’s legs so high that he felt his whole dick disappear into her, tighter and wetter than Beth.

“Turn around” he said to Beth and she did, repositioning her pussy onto Shyanne’s face and leaning over the length of her body.

She began to lick Shyanne’s clit, Brando moving quickly in and out of her. He took his dick out and saw that it was bigger and harder than it had ever been and took the back of Beth’s hair in his hands, guiding her mouth onto his tip and then using his hips to penetrate deeply into her mouth.

She moaned and tried to get his dick all the way into her throat, where she liked it, and felt Shyanne stick her finger inside her pussy then take it out and slide it inside of her asshole, still tonguing her clit. Shyanne took her finger out and then started to lick Beth’s asshole, holding her fat ass before her face and loving the taste of her pussy and asshole mixed together. Brando saw this and took his dick out of Beth’s mouth after giving it a few hard thrusts, and then put his tip against Shyanne’s asshole, moving his hips shallowly as he got deeper inside of her.

Beth put her mouth on Shyanne’s pussy as she grinded her ass into her face. Brando watched as his dick went deeper into his sister, glistening with her juices and Beth’s saliva which was dripping down the crack of Shyanne’s ass, making a delicious feeling lube. He got his dick all the way inside of her and worked it slowly, Shyanne’s hips starting to move. She took her mouth from Beth’s pussy only to say in short gasps:


His mouth dropped but he immediately started fucking her as hard as he could and she began to writhe around, pushing Beth’s head hard into her clit. Finally she began to convulse, finger fucking Beth’s asshole hard, her face covered in Beth’s juice as she moaned so loudly that Beth and Brando came too, all of them grinding their hips as hard and fast as possible.
Then a sound came from downstairs, the back door opening. They heard their parents voices call out:

“Anybody home?”

Shyanne jumped up, pulling her shorts on quickly and putting her shirt back on. She ran to meet her parents.

“Hey guys, have fun?”

“We had a great time” they said, but looked at her curiously before asking:

“What have you been doing? You’re out of breath”

Shyanne’s eyes widened briefly.

“I was exercising.”


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  1. wow.. wat a story.. i want that in real.. can i get girls like that… i want to enjoy my life to the full extent but can’t find an adventurous girl…

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  2. Wow this is great. It is so hard to find decent quality sibling incest stories. I write many myself and I have to say that Sherrie did a fine job.

    1. Thanks for your nice comment Jill. You are very right: quality erotica stories are not easy to write, and when it comes to incest it is even harder. Let’s just hope Paypal doesn’t ban us all! I will definitely pass on your comment to Sherrie!

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