Top Ten Dirty Sexy Secrets We (Women) Never Tell (You)

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Dirty sexy secrets we don’t want you to know

My girlfriends and I were debating about sexy secrets (not Victoria secrets for once!) and other stuff, until it came to who is better at sleeping around: girls or guys? One friend said her guy would never sleep around on her. I asked her if she cheated on him and she said: “never”. When asked “what about kissing?”, she copped a fast “hell, yes!”.

I started wondering…

Men, you think you know us, and while this may be true about a myriad of assorted feminine things… do you ever wonder what we do (or are up to) when you’re away?

Dudes know so little about what we girls do together, in public and behind locked doors. Probably because they are doors we keep locked, so our sexy secrets remain secretly tucked away from our men.

What are they, these dirty little sexy secrets of ours?

Sexy Secret #1: We masturbate

(Don’t be shocked)

When the hubby’s away, or children off to sports or piano practice, we’re practicing a little self-indulgence.  The hectic rigors of the day melt away when we can play with our secret “toy box”. Fingers are just fine for that, but vibrating sex toys are even better!

Matter of fact, we’ll play with our twats even when we’re aware you may be around still. We’ll pee in the tub too if we believe the coast is clear.

It’s why bathroom doors have locks.

Sexy Secret #2: Step Up or Go Home

Saying to us you don’t want kids – deal breaker! Child-bearing is a privilege to us. Like sex on the first date is to your brotherhood. We know what boys like. While you are thinking, ‘you wanna get laid,’ we’re doing CSIs, ”crucial sexy investigations”. We want to know if there is enough personal chemistry between us to warrant a second date. Or not. May be not so sexy, but that’s every girls secrets.

Sexy Secret #3: We like obsession with our beauty

Soaps, creams, depilatory devices, we use them all. A good facial scrub goes along way, but we really enjoy a good plucking. Yes, hairs or blemished that can be plucked from a chin, toes, those tiny moles on our titties and on the backs of our arms; well get them. Give us an ingrown hair and we’ll take it to task.

It may seem or sound strange, but it’s our thing.

Sexy Secret #4: We couldn’t care less how big your house is, or what kind of hoopty you drive unless you’re super-attentive to our needs

By “needs”, we mean our desires.

We look you directly in the eye when we’re “feeling” your vibe. We smile. We sometimes pay you a compliment.

You should be asking yourself: “How can I leverage more sexy-time with her?”

Know what we’ll show you? How to fuck. If you’re really cute, we may even show you how we like you to go down on us, and eat our pussy.

Sexy Secret #5: We go to gay clubs

Yeah that’s right. Our little pussies need fun every now and then, and not from your salivating, scruffy-rubbing male tongues. Don’t get us twisted, we love you, but we like a little fun. What better way to trick ourselves into female prowess than to “drop it like it’s hot”, at the club, with our gay male besties?

That’s right; we use our male (and very gay) friends to help get our inner “bad girl” off!

Maybe you’ve seen us? We’re the ones in groups of two, three, as many as eight or more, and we plow straight to the middle of the club, when it’s homosexual. A couple of sips of tequila or Vodka and were ready for more (of the gay persuasion). The guys come up to us (gay men are so freaky when they see us turning “sexual” on the dance floor) and bump and grind us like nobody’s business.

We love it.

Girls who travel in packs? Yes. We feel safe when we do. What makes us bask in the heat of the night is allowing ourselves to dance to pop music, hip-hop, and hardcore rap without being misjudged as “sluts.” Dancing with a gay or bi guy? It pumps our ego up a bit, yes. The truth, however, is we lead busy, busy lives, and it’s nice to have an excursion where we can express ourselves freely, and not feel pressured to sleep with a man, blow a man, or get blown by one…

…unless we call the shots.

Bartender drinks all around!

Sexy Secret #6: We want you to eat our pussy

All day. All night long, provided we do not have to feed the kids, finish our business reports, clean up the house, or whore for you. Hire us a maid, a butler, or regular maid service. Then get on your knees and lap us. No really. Eat us! So satisfying.

Sexy Secret #7: We aren’t thinking about you during sex

We’re sorry, we really are. However we do fantasize when we’re fucking. Only it’s not about you. We think about entering into decadent sexual soirees, being forced to perform sexual acts in a Sheik’s harem, riding an especially “jittery” amusement park ride, public sex, watching other men receive pleasure from diminutive treatments (we imagine you being restrained, trussed-up, a willing obedient servant, dominated). We’ll turn down the opportunity to “role play” if it suggests we’re more like the “good girl.”

We’re bad and naughty, boys. We simply won’t “say” we are naughty.

Thoughts of the weird and forbidden really get our honey flowing.

Sexy Secret #8: We don’t want to shave. We don’t want to wax even more!

If we could work the European philosophy of “natural” and au naturel, don’t think we wouldn’t opt for it. We’re fakers who’ll fake you out at every chance. We like our pretty pink pusses hairy, but we concede to peer-pressures. To be honest, we shave with the hope you’ll crave going down on us more. And you know now, we want you to …often!

Sexy Secret #9:  We “smell” when we’re in love

Men are visual. We are senses-wired. We can’t wait to grab hold of your clothes and sniff, whiff, or breathe in your scent deeply. We sniff our panties and lingerie to discern if they’re clean, but we’ll smell your clothes, the pillow, or your bathing towel even more. If you ever spied us enjoying this, we’d shrink in horror, even now, at the mere thought of it.

Sexy Secret #10: Intimacy is our Achilles’ heel

There’s a reason why Harlequin and the romance writing biz rakes in millions. The stories remind us how much we want to be a femme fatale while still retaining our independence. When you leave for the day, we do miss you. We just welcome our alone time with ourselves more. Romance allows us to be without sacrificing our inner “me”. We also do not believe kissing another man is cheating. And if you were honest, you’d admit you want to see us seducing another man so you can watch his dick slip into our pussies. In short, drunkenness, flirting and kissing, are not considered as full-on cheating to us.

We are always happy to see you though when you come home; even when our private thoughts have been imperfectly saucy heretofore.

Bonus Sexy Secret: Technology is our other BFF

We scour emails, texting devices and social media (Facebook, LinkedIn) for the latest on our past lovers.
We realize our exes are over and done with, but with access to SMM so readily available to us, we seize the moment to peruse them and see their out-and-abouts. The love has passed, but our curiosity gets free reign, and we too want to know their sexy secrets.

Girls, if you are reading this, drop your own little dirty sexy secrets in the comments below. 😉 And guys, well, feel free to tell us what surprised you most!


26 thoughts on “Top Ten Dirty Sexy Secrets We (Women) Never Tell (You)

  1. wow.. i never knew about girls psyche… we’ll i can do all of the above things for a girl, all i want in return is a wild wild sex response from her ;)…

    Love u sweety..

    Wud love to know your views

    1. Dear Sohail,Thank you for your nice comment. I am glad these tips helped you understand better about us girls! I am sure that if you do all the above, you would make most girls go wild in bed. The best way to know is to try it with you girlfriend. Please don’t forget to come back to let me know!Mwaahhhh!

    1. Hi Ram,

      Thank you for your nice comment.
      For all questions about sexuality and how to meet women for pleasure, please ask your question in the comments below, or contact me directly. I will be more than happy to answer you!

          1. At first I would suggest you behave a little bit more nicely if you want to really please women. I know it can be hard to still be a virgin at 17, but don’t feel too desperate ok?

  2. Top Six Super-Sexy Secrets that we
    (Men) Never tell you (Women)

    1: We Masturbate a Lot More

    When the wife’s in another room or
    the roomate’s asleep, we wank it. Even when we’re out at work or between
    classes we’ll rub it out – and we do it a lot. Sometimes a few times every week
    and sometimes a few times every day.

    Just don’t walk in on us.

    2: We’re About More than Just
    Getting Laid

    We may want kids, and we do care. We
    also think about sex all of the time, but it’s not all that we think about
    –  your feelings matter if we really care
    about you, and we are actually trying to understand you when we go on a date.
    It’s not all sex, all of the time.

    3: We Know that you Want to Look

    We can’t walk through the mall
    without seeing at least one Victoria’s Secret store or four departments stores
    75% dedicated to products for you to look good – we get it. Beauty is
    important, and you want to be attractive and noticed. We like it, and we’ll try
    our best to step up and look good for you too.

    4: It’s Hard to Always Pay
    Attention, but we Know it’s Important

    You need things, and we know it.
    Attention and understanding of your desires. We can look you in the eyes and we
    can tell you what you want to hear, but we’ll also mean it if you compliment us
    and tell us we’re right.

    Even if we aren’t. If we’re both
    happy, we’ll fuck you hard. And even eat your pussy.

    #5: We Don’t go to Gay Clubs

    …Unless we’re gay or secure. We’ll
    try to pick you up there.

    #6: We’ll Eat your Pussy

    Lap it up and swallow it down. It
    may not always smell good but it’s all that we think about and we know you like
    it. But don’t forget to suck us until we’re dry.

  3. hey angelicka… thank u soooooooooooooooo sooooo soooooooo much 4 dis…. i can never forget u & ur Secrets!! 😉 😀 well…. actually….. i’m 16 and want some girls….. 😉 u knw…. so.. wat should i do? by d way… how old are u?? can we have some sex chat??

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  5. Magnificent goods from you, man. I have take note your stuff previous to and you are simply too wonderful. I actually like what you have received here, really like what you’re stating and the way in which through which you assert it. You are making it entertaining and you continue to take care of to keep it smart. I can’t wait to learn far more from you. That is really a tremendous website.

  6. Thank you Angel for the insight of women. Heres a bit of extra insight to us guy.
    Aggressive Girls
    Most men will love it when their lover start a sexy night. Nothing gets us harder when she gropes us or whispers naughty things in our ears. Another thing, if our girlfriend/wives walk in on us, we’d jump out of our skin and go soft, but they shouldn’t be afraid and run off. They should sit with us and urge us on. Maybe help us out. Watching porn together is a great way to learn about each others kinks.

  7. Angelicka,

    You are so right about these. I especially love to masturbate to and fantasize about other women during sex. Nothing like a nice pounding while imagining a tight little pussy in my mouth.

    You’re a doll xoxoxoxo

  8. Hi,

    I like this. I’m starting to write some erotic stories and I’m reading everything I can about it. I found Morgan Hawk’s site and this link was there. She is a very talented lady.

    My biggest problem is tense. I live the story when I write it and it’s all current to me. I haven’t found a proof reader yet but I’m looking hard.

    I discovered all of those “Secrets” very early in life, most at about 10 when a 14 year old baby sitter taught me what “Eating It” meant and a lot more about satisfying a female. She did give me lessons for about a year. I was 10 so erections weren’t around yet and I missed out on that part. I’ve been very grateful for what she did teach me and I’ve never forgotten her. I can not remember her name now though.

    Im 71 now and my wife of 43 years pretty much had or did all of that. The only parts she didn’t particularly subscribe to were oral sex, she did not want that, and technology, she never was interested in that.

    She had 4 kids when we married and every one became “My” kid in the 2 years we spent before we fear tied. We had one more and adopted, informally as adults, 2 more. They both had kids and they became grand kids too. They are some of the better ones too. They all are different in their own ways and I adore each.

    The reason I wrote was to say that, “Any male that wants a female to become a true Partner (Lover, Friend, Bedtime Slut, Wife, Mother, or anything else so she stays around) had better memorize every one of these Tips and LIVE THEM!”

    Do not just pay lip service, you have to believe in them and practice them at every opportunity. I did and 43 years later I still see her as she was when we started. That’s gotten me through some life destroying situations.

    Thank you for the tips.


    1. WOW! What a comment Paul! You reached straight to my heart! I could never thank you enough for these wonderful words!
      If you would like to publish some of your stories with me I would be delighted! May be you could also share with us the male part of those secrets?
      I woud surely really like to keep in touch with you!
      <3 Mwaahhhhh <3

  9. I am going to have to agree with the vast majority of this. However, in my xperience, most girls would LOVE to have a guy they could tell that they had dirty thoughts and know would accept it fully. Many woud love to try all of those fantasies, iincluding tasting anther girl, if they had a guy that could bring the dirty out in them.

    It’s a question of trust really. We don’t want to go spilling our deepest/darkest, only to have someone use it against us later. But when you have that connection, it is so liberating. I woud be willing to bet that every girl would love to be a total slut with her special guy. It is just finding that guy that can prove difficult.

    And yeah guys, we masturbate — a lot.

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