sex on the parking lot

Caught Having Public Sex On A Parking Lot


sex on the parking lotWhere a naughty girl is getting horny on a parking lot

[dropcap2]T[/dropcap2]oo damn cold for spring in this town.

Icicles hung from the snow frosted ledges of most of the homes down the street. And it was practically fucking April. You’d taken a quick drive through the backstreets a few months ago for a visit with your Aunt Evy before heading out to start your new job in construction. The two of you always hit it off, and when you’d arrived, you’d gotten a little surprise when Aunt Evy mentioned your high school girlfriend from years back, Honey.

Pushed her right into your arms was more like it. Evy was the town matchmaker, and notorious for picking who was the perfect fit for a good yoke and happy sex; she was quite the markswoman in your little Texas backwoods and this time she proved to be no less than a sorceress.

You greeted Honey with the perfunctory “hi ma’am,” and she responded with southern belle charm, all sweet and divine, clasping her hands behind her, sticking out her chest, giving you a sight with her perky breasts, and making your dick hard. You hugged her fast and took a seat near the fireplace making sure you crossed a leg at the knee to hide your boner.

Honey always had a way of looking at you that made you think you were thinking something you shouldn’t. Today was no different. She kept tilting her head when she talked, licking her lips self consciously as if she had a secret she was holding back and was just itching to say. Aunt Evy let it slip she was trying the whole foreign exchange border thing, and was giving Honey first crack at living in a home away from home. Honey said Aunt Evy had given her your old room; you could tell she couldn’t resist letting loose that little info bit. Evy took the family residences into her managing portfolio a while ago, and had offered you this house you were in, but you had other seeds to sow. Aunt Eva took it over and you couldn’t have been more pleased. Aunty was not only a master love guru; she was a savvy businesswoman.

One day this will all be yours. That construction management gig you have will do you good, you remembered Aunt Eva telling you. Honey sat up straight after hearing that. She seemed to see you in a different light when she thought you had aspirations, you saw.

She didn’t know the half of it. You had just been signed to manage a major construction holdings company. You thought better of dropping that bit after seeing Aunt Eva tossing you a tiny smile. Like she’d always said, money talks and bullshit walks. You aunty smiled even bigger when she spied you watching Honey saunter up the stairway to your bedroom, her bedroom, all female and no hint of guile about her.

This damned winter freeze wasn’t doing anything for your blue balls.

Days later, you came to find out Aunty Eva was barely around the house. Honey was. The two of you seemed to bump into each other everywhere. You brushed past her when you were on the way to the john, even on the stairs when you were headed to the guestroom. She’d even let you glimpse the full bounty of her breasts on several occasions. She simply smiled each time, leaving you in a funk, giving your gonads a hard time, and your dick a better time. You wanted her, and you’d bet seven bits to a dollar she knew it.

Five years ago, in your senior year, you and your first had practically tore the gymnasium walls apart with your rambunctious and uncontrollable fucking. The principal finally had you both assigned separate class schedules so you couldn’t slip away during class break, nor sneak away during free periods to hump like jackrabbits. Didn’t quit you two from fucking each other brains out at lunch; but when it came to you getting to know Honey… well, Honey was never one to mess with you. She’d always hung around the cheerleaders, where she was squad second leader, or stayed closed with her clique of pretty thangs; she was never all that interested in you back then. So you thought.

“Hey, where you going?” Honey asked you.

You said: “The grocer’s.”

“Wait for me OK?” she asked you. She needed some things and wanted to bum a ride off you.

You didn’t have a problem with that; she came down the stairs in a jean miniskirt, and some halter top and T-shirt confection by Prada. Honey flitted by you telling you she thought you smelled nice, and you looked at her long, shapely dancer legs, trying to factor when she’d gotten hotter than she was in 12th grade.

It was late in the day and surprisingly warm. Most of the stores were settling down for the ebb in the weekend, your town just wasn’t that big of an attraction. You hopped into your Wrangler and Honey backed into the passenger seat, hips all beautiful rounding out into a nice tight little cheerful ass. You reminded yourself of your southern upbringing; until Honey wriggled that ass into the seat. Your bone sprung a hardon faster than you could say “pussy.” Just the cure for your horned up thoughts and week’s load of cum you wished you could release. There just hadn’t been any place to frig yourself. Every time you tried to find a moment to pound your dick with your fist, Honey seemed to appear. If you hadn’t known better, you’d swore she had cock radar.

“Wait; turn over here,” the beautiful blonde said to you.

Before you could even set the brake, Honey was up and at ‘em. She had bounced out of the jeep and hurried into a women’s boutique beside the grocer’s. You told her you’d be picking up some stuff, and barely had the chance to ask if there was anything she needed.

Just then, Honey raced back to the jeep.

“Gimme your keys,” she said.

You tossed them to her. She reached for them and missed, the metal slivers piling into a clump on the asphalt. Honey let out a quiet gasp and bent down to retrieve the keys – the same time you reached across the seat to stretch out a hand to catch them. Honey’s perky butt lifted high in the air and it was then you realized she wasn’t wearing panties. Honey collected the keys, but not before snapping up and putting her warm and very creamy buns onto your palm.

Both of you froze. Her in shock and you with surprise; Honey’s pussy was damp.

Several grocery patrons exited the store at the opposite entrance, carts filled with goods. You and Honey looked at one another, desperately embarrassed.

“Look, I –,“ Honey said to you. Honey tried to explain the circumstances, but her face was flushed.

You told her it was all right.

Honey stood and was obviously off kilter with what had just happened.

“You want anything from the store?” you asked Honey, trying to diffuse the awkwardness.

“Everything all right here?” a grocery attendant readying to close grocer’s asked you and Honey.

“Yes, everything’s fine,” Honey told the attendant, then she turned to you.

She explained she had just returned to Texas after a bad breakup with her ex.

“I’d never expected to run into you again,” she said “but after agreeing to stay at your Aunt Evy’s to figure out my future, one look at you and I remembered there were things I really wanted…”

“I am not following your train of thinking,” you replied, quite confused.

Honey looked down at your crotch, and you spied her licking her lips unknowingly. You also hadn’t realized you were fondling yourself while she was talking to you.

“I chose not to wear any panties this week, with the hopes of learning how it felt to be naughty,” Honey confessed.

By then she had climbed back into the jeep. The cool of the evening was making her breath fog in the air as she spoke, and her breasts rise under the thin fabric of her shirt.

You don’t remember how it happened.

Your hand that was on her plump rear somehow had found its way to the mound of her feminine flesh. You’d slipped two fingers over her clitoris, and pushed another one into her pussy.

“No, stop,” Honey said out loud to you.

Honey pressed her hands against your shoulders in an attempt to put distance between the two of you, but she was hardly concealing the heat of desire in her eyes.

You felt the cold ignition and house keys dig into your arm, and the crook of Honey’s leg wrap around your back. She pushed against your body, feverishly forcing your fingers deeper into her hot cleft.  She squealed as slippery vaginal nectar swished and spit from her pussy. Obviously excited, Honey reached her hand into your gym shorts, and fished out your massive cock. Precum spilled over her fingers, and she rubbed the sticky fluid over your pole and nuts.

She cooed quietly, whispering to you: “If you are gonna do it, do me now!”

Honey hooked her fingers under the waistband of your shorts and yanked them. Your butt popped out into the cool evening air, your dick filling cock juice into Honey’s navel. She smiled wickedly and pulled her labia open with her middle finger and forefinger.

She whispered: “I want you to make me come.”

Now it was you who wanted to beg her to stop. You’d been thinking about this moment and ravaging her for an eternity.

“Don’t worry, I’m on the pill,” she said.

Fuck, you’d didn’t mind either way; you’d make her pregnant if she wanted, she’d teased you and made you so hot.

Honey winced with a bit of discomfort with the girth of your dick. Your penis was a fucking bludgeon.

“Go slow…” she begged you.

You didn’t care less and thrust your cock hard into her little pussy. Surprised by your sudden move, Honey let out a scream as you placed your hand over her mouth. You watched Honey’s eyes glaze over, her pussy walls grabbing your shaft, and her depths clutching at your cock head.

You started to rub and kiss her nipples, as she dug her nails into your back in pleasure.

You rocked you cock deeper into her, making her yell so hard from the pounding your dick was giving her. Splashes of her cum shot out around your pubic hair with every thrust. The seats in the jeep were slicked down in Honey’s sweet juice, her pussy farting air each time you withdrew all but the crown of your meat, only to slam it back harder into her. Honey’s head thrashed against the jeep door under the force of your raping, her lips drooling little flecks of spittle as she spun further and further into the throes of coming.

She lifted you up with her powerful hips and pulled you both to your sides. She started to thrust her hips against you, fucking you, riding you hungrily while enjoying hearing your lusty moans.

You lifted a hand to cup Honey’s ass, and guided her on top of you, making her ride your pecker like a prize filly at a stud farm. She let out a moan. You tried to quiet her, but she was all fuck and no taunt now, and flung herself down over you. As she pushed her tongue down your throat, you sucked on her sweet lips, lost in lust. Honey moved her buns down to your cock and bounced on you with short, purposeful squats.

Honey looked at you intensely, squeezing her nipples and licking her lips, her blond hair tossing up and over her shoulders as she was fucking you. You grabbed hold of hips and pushed your dick up into her cunt, pounding your meat into her, stretching her pussy wide. When Honey whined like the hot little filly you now knew she was, you plunged that thick hard baby maker all the way into her. Just like a knife sliding through warmed butter, Honey’s pussy slipping and sliding along your massive prong, hungry for more.

“I am going to squirt!” Honey screamed.

You suddenly held her completely still. She begged you, but you wouldn’t move. Slowly, Honey’s hungry little cunt began to suckle on your dick, the pussy lips inching their way along your crankshaft.

The thickness of your 8 inch billy club pushed so deep into her that you felt a flood of pussy juices, and other nectar from her pee hole splash against your pubes, and spread across your abs.

Honey threw her hands across her face visibly shocked by the hedonism of your fucking. Weakened and sated, she pulled her skirt over her hips and looked at you, bemused.

You tried to calm your emotions with her, but your dick had other plans. It was spitting gobs and gobs of semen, your balls having been pent up without release for too long.

Looking at your squirting cock with amazement, she couldn’t help asking: “You always come like that?”

As a reply to her, you grabbed your dick with your hand and began to jack it off, making your cock spurt several more jets of cum.

Honey leaned over your stomach and started to lap up the freshly made semen.

“No wonder why you were the talk back in the girls’ showers in high school,” Honey teased you.

“There was only one girl I had,” you told Honey.

“Did you know that your girlfriend had to wear a tampon, to keep her pussy from coming during gym exercise? She’d have to squirt every time we girls did squats,” she confessed.

“I did that to her?” you asked Honey, amazed.

“You did that to her and a ‘Texas Two Step’ just now inside me,” Honey said, laughing nervously.

“And the next time you two decide to do the ‘Texas Two Step’, you do it off the store grounds,” you heard a deep male voice say from the outside of the car.

A security guard was standing there, and pursued, smiling: “We run a respectable shopping center here.”

Honey blushed a cherry red.

A second security guard reached to the ground, holding your car keys, and tossed them to you.

“Get the fuck home,” he ordered.

The two guards walked away, shaking their heads and smiling.

Honey looked at you and said: “I’m hungry, shall we buy something to eat?”


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