Special Facial Tips

Special Facial Tips

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I was in NYC last week and decided to indulge in a Spa after a hard day work. The place was quite luxurious and prices of treatments reflected in that (I ended up leaving them $490 + tips). While looking at their menu to find the most suitable facial for my skin type, something suddenly stopped me: they were offering a “Spermine Facial” for $250! After asking the beautician, I learned that they are using synthesized human sperm. Studies showed that the antioxidant found in human sperm makes the skin fairer, softer and diminishes the wrinkles. This intel should NEVER have reached me!

Coming back to my hotel after finishing the treatment, I thought we girls could save a lot on facials and yet get fresh organic supplies, free home delivery (probably with a bonus gift too) and 24/7 availability. So girls, take a deep breathe and learn and you will save $1,000s by just snapping your finger.

Special Facial Tip #1: All Natural

First thing first: go for first grade organic supply. You don’t want to just put any semen on your face. Search for a donor with a healthy lifestyle. Start with the gym, you’ve got great chance to find a guy there who is careful with what he eats, isn’t doing drugs, and preferably is not smoking and drinking. A little chit chat will let you know the necessary info in no time.

Once you’ve spotted a good potential candidate and got kind of acquainted, make sure that, at some stage, you ask him to get tested for the usual STDs. It is quite common nowadays to ask for a test, and it shows that you are health conscious yourself as well.

If you decide to go out on a dinner date with him on the D day, pick an organic restaurant, and insist more particularly on raw vegetables and fruits, no meat (grilled chicken is ok), and lots of water and fresh juices. But the best choice is still to invite him at your place so that he won’t have any other choice than what you put on the table. Making him drink lots of water would actually significantly increase the volume of his sperm, which is something you would definitely want.

You will have to prepare your skin as well before you get into the action. A deep cleansing is a must, and avoid making up (except for some lipstick).

Special Facial Tip #2: Get in position

Finding the best position can be challenging, especially if your donor is performing well at giving you pleasure. But You will have to keep focused and remember your primary objective.

It is always a good idea to finish him with a nice blow job as it gives you total control over the situation and makes the whole thing look more natural. If nature has been generous with your breasts size, you may also indulge him with a nice tit fucking and will probably have to remind him a few times to cum on your face. Men, in the action, tend to stop all cerebral activity.

For an oral finish, it is best to have him stand up and you can kneel before him. Even if some of his semen drips, it will fall on your breasts and you can always wipe it and put it back on your face.

If you offer him your boobies, it is best to lay on your back, but that demands a bit more practice. Make sure he can easily reach for your face when ready to cum. Tilt your head slightly on the side so that he doesn’t accidentally squirt in your nostrils.

Special Facial Tip #3: Protect Your Eyes

One thing you have probably noticed is that, when men cum, they can hardly control how and where it squirts. It is a good idea that, before he climaxes, you take things in hands, so to speak. The feeling of his warm sticky cum squirting on your skin is quite nice actually, but one thing that is absolutely gross is to get some in the eyes. It kinda hurts and it is absolutely annoying and can compromise your spa session as you would end up rushing to the bathroom to clean it up.

You may decide to close your eyes just before he squirts, but that would make it really hard to aim his squirting sperm at your face. One good solution is to tell him you want to play the naughty secretary and wear eye glasses. It usually turns men on and offer a great protection from direct shots.

Special Facial Tip #4: 10 Minutes

OK now that you manage to collect the precious semen on your face, you will have to lightly spread it all over and cover your skin evenly. If the donor is still around, you may use his softened cock for the spreading. If he has already fallen asleep or headed to the fridge for some snack, well, use your fingers!

Actually it is much better if, at this point, the donor leaves you alone. You can always excuse yourself to the washroom and pretend to cleanup a little bit. Lock yourself in for the next 15 minutes for the “fountain of youth” treatment! It is a good idea to own a ultrasound and infrared light as this would help the male substance to penetrate deeper in your skin tissue and thus be more efficient.

Cucumber slices on your eyes are optional.

Special Facial Tip #5: Bukkake

After a while, you will probably grow a significant list of potential donors, and may be tempted by an intensive skin repair treatment, or ‘bukkake’. Bukkake is a Japanese word that means something like ‘heavy splash’ (learn more on Wikipedia). The main benefit here being to get heavy supply which would allow you a bit of waste and, why not, a more thorough skin treatment (breasts and butt will feel incredibly smooth after that.

Intensive care will demand a bit more organization, and specific skills set to make sure your donations happen more or less at the same time.

OK girls, get ready to look much younger with a perfectly smooth skin form now on! But be aware not to make the intercourse sound too ‘clinical’. You definitely want your donor to enjoy it so that he keeps coming again and again to supply you with $250 wort shots!

And for guys who are reading this, I am putting a sexy game hereunder so that you can keep yourself busy while your girl reads this post!

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